There were four others inside the shed and they were all staring at me –watching me the same way Melanie had. While the staring had been uncomfortable, there was one member of the group that surprised me – Jessica Gayle. What was Jessica Gayle doing hanging out in a shed with Melanie Frostwood? As far as I knew, they never even spoke to each other at school.

“Everyone, this is Shawn Benson,” she introduced me.

They all continued to stare but my eyes were locked with Jessica's. Nothing was making sense. What was she doing here? She offered me a kind smile and brief nod of the head, possibly sensing my shock. My brows creased.

“Shawn, this is Kara, Marvin and Freddie –you know Jessica,” Melanie said, interrupting my thoughts.

She pointed to each one of them individually, putting a name to the face. Kara was the dark skinned girl from the door. She wore her long hair pencil straight and down her back. She was noticeably a lot thinner than Melanie too, probably thirty pounds lighter or so. She was wearing a softer expression than before, showing a hint of double dimples. Immediately I decided to like her. Marvin was also black and bulky. He didn't have the same gold eyes like Kara and Melanie, his were dark, but there was a bit of mystery behind them. Freddie was Asian, I noticed. His dark hair was cropped low in a fashion I had seen before. Behind this black glasses, his eyes were gold. Then there was Jessica. I still couldn't believe that she was here. Part of me was glad to see a familiar face, but the fact that she was there made me feel like something suspicious was going on. What was with this group? They were a sight to see, unlikely lot.

The End

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