I nodded my head once, looking down at her.

Even though the tightening in my gut was telling me that something wasn't right, I couldn't bring myself to leave. How easy it would have been to ignore her demand and hop back into my car. I would have been safe back in my bedroom, sleeping probably. Safe. Melanie Frostwood was the antonym of safe.

I studied her from the side of my eye, watching the way her black ringlets bounced with each steady step of her boots. She was quiet as always, keeping to herself as if I weren't right next to her. I wanted to say something to her, anything at all –the silence was just too much for me. I wasn't normally the talkative type but I found myself searching my brain for something to say, but Melanie seemed just fine with the silence. I wondered if she noticed the affect she had on me. Probably.

She led me further away from the school and soon we were coming upon a group of houses. They were all the same, all painfully similar to each other. We cut across the lawn of one of the houses, making our way behind it and towards what could only be described as a shed.

“Is this your house?” I asked her.


I looked around the backyard as she knocked on the door, noting the sliding-glass door of the house, peering into the lit kitchen. Someone was home and that made me nervous. Somehow I felt like we were doing something dirty, like we were trespassing. I tried not to think too hard about it or worse, let Melanie know that I was hesitant. I cared a lot about what she thought of me.

The door to the shed opened and we were greeted by dark skinned girl around our age. She was a bit shorter than Melanie, but had similar gold eyes, only hers weren't nearly as eerie as Melanie's. She smiled at us, well at Melanie, and invited us in, eying me down as I followed Melanie.

The End

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