house to the middle school.

I recognized her immediately, she had to be the only person for miles with hair that big. She eyed my car as I pulled into the parking lot, shutting off the vehicle and stepping out. She gave me that same smirk of hers, a smirk I was starting to like the more I saw it, and I returned it with an awkward smile of my own.

“I don't usually do this, you know,” I told her, closing the gap between us. “My parents wouldn't be too thrilled to know I was sneaking out to see a girl this late.”

I earned myself a chuckle from the dark beauty. “Especially a black one, huh?”

Silence edged between us and I swallowed past the lump that lodged itself in my throat. I honestly didn't know how to respond to that. The fact that they probably wouldn't approve especially if they knew that her skin didn't match ours made my stomach knot with guilt.

She laughed though, this time a full one, showing me those straight white teeth of hers. “Relax, I'm joking,” she told me.

My shoulders were still tense though. Melanie Frostwood was not a normal girl, this I knew for sure in that moment. Yet, I didn't want to be away from her if I didn't have to be.


Melanie laughed out right in my face, tucking her hands into the large pocket of her hoodie. “You really gotta learn to relax Benson,” she told me, her eyes crinkling at their corners.

I tried to smile, but I couldn't hide my discomfort. More and more I would find myself disarmed by Melanie Frostwood, uncomfortable but unable to look away. Her gold eyes stared hard into mine, searching for something I hadn't said. I felt as though she were judging me somehow, trying to decided something about me.

“Anyway,” she started, ending the silence that fell between us. “Come on.”

Before I could think to ask where, she walked by me, heading off down the road and away from the middle school. I watched her for a while, glancing between her and my car, trying to decide if I should trust her or not.

The girl gives off major creep-vibes.

Candice's words echoed in my head like a warning, telling me to leave now. I wondered if she knew I hadn't been following her because she never looked back, she kept that same nonchalant gait, never breaking in stride, her black hair bouncing.

Worrying my bottom lip between my teeth, I followed her, catching up in no time.

“Ah, so you decided to take a walk on the wild side then?” she asked me, casting a gold glance at me before looking away again.

The End

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