I turned and there she was. She was sitting behind me, as she always was, leaned over her desk just slightly and offering me a smirk that I would become all too familiar with. Her gold eyes flashing were with mystery.

“Yeah?” I answered her as calmly as I could, grateful to a god I wasn't too sure I believed in that my voice hadn't cracked.

“Do you have the notes from yesterday's class?”

Her voice was deep and silky, the kind of voice a guy wouldn't mind hearing over and over.

“Yeah, uh...” I trailed off, flipping through the pages of my binder to find the notes she was looking for. With a smile I had hoped was charming, I passed them to her, catching the smile she had favored me with.

“I'll get these back to you,” she told me, breaking eye contact and looking down at my scribbled hand writing with a grimace.

I nodded my head, leaving it at that and turned away from her. Suddenly I was overly aware of my handwriting, as ridiculous as that sounded. I was worried that she wouldn't be able to understand the sloppy scribbling; that she would mistake my “a”s for “e”s and vice versa and assume that I couldn't spell. I was tempted to turn around and reclaim my notes with some bogus excuse about studying, but of course I didn't. What would be would be and thusly I reduced myself to worrying my bottom lip between my teeth instead.

“Hey Shawn.” Her voice again.

I turned to her but she still wasn't looking at me, her gaze was purely fixed on my notes. “Yeah?”

She looked up at me then, those gold eyes penetrating me and making my heart thump once –nerves, I convinced myself. I couldn't and still can't describe the kind of intense attraction I felt towards her in those early days. It was, as corny as it sounds, as if everything in me was pulling me towards her. I found myself seeking her out whenever I entered a room, hoping to spot her before resigning myself to the other side of the room. I was always putting just enough distance for me to creep on her without actually seeming creepy. At times I wondered if it were enough.

The End

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