She ignored me however, always so into herself that she never really bothered so much with socializing.

It was odd –well not really when I'm thinking about it – how popular she instantly became. No one ever really spoke to her, but everyone spoke of her. What was Melanie doing? What was Melanie saying? What was Melanie thinking? Everyone was insanely interested in her; she was different from everything we were all used to.

She wore her hair naturally, or what I suspected was natural –I had never seen what black woman's hair looked like naturally. Hers was a mass of tightly coiled, darker than black curls around her head, bobbing when she walked and framing her face becomingly. She had golden eyes, something that I assumed were due to contact lens but I had been proven wrong eventually, but I digress. They were unusual in color, a deep contrast against her dark skin and always seemingly glowing. Melanie was tall too, long ebony legs making her tower over most of the other girls. On any other girl, the wideness of her hips and fullness of her thighs would have turned me off, but on Melanie it seemed perfect. She was not nearly as thin as the girls I usually found myself attracted to – actually, she wasn't anything like the girls I was normally attracted to. I couldn't even understand why I was attracted to her in the first place. And so for a while I distracted myself with my usual parade of girls; for a while it was a success too.

I had been currently on the ups with one of my frequent “on-again-off-again”s, Shelby, when Melanie and I first embarked on our – you know, I actually don't have the words to properly describe what happened between she and I.

“Hey Shawn.”

The End

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