The Notice and the End

  Cinderella smiled as she flipped the perfect shaped pancake. I can’t believe
how great this is! What more could I ask for? 

  “What smells so good? Oh, Ella, darling, they look and smell wonderful.” Lady Carrie swept into the room and squeezed her shoulders.

 “I just wanted to say thank you for everything you’ve done.” Ella said, shyly. A warm blush spread across her cheek as Lady Carrie kissed

“Good morning, ladies.” Sir Wes walked in as the two started on their pancakes.

“Good morning.” Both girls said in unison.

“Here’s something you should see, Ella.” Sir Wes winked at her and put the poster in front of her.

                   To all the young ladies who attended the prince’s ball. We are looking for the young lady that had to leave early. If you are her, please bring your left shoe to the castle.

          Attention to all: If we do know that she is shorter than 5’ 7’’ and a blond with blue eyes. Please do not try to waste our time, we know better.

“Oh wow.” Ella said after she read the announcement.

“I think you should come into work with me soon.” Sir Wes turned to Lady Carrie.

“Why don’t you take her Saturday? It will be a mad house this next week.” Lady
Carrie said.


Prince Taylor was exhausted. He hadn’t realized how many girls fit the criteria. Even
more were the ladies who tried to tell him, they were the one when they didn’t
fit the criteria.

“Prince Taylor, Ella Swan.” The announcer told the young man. The prince glanced
wearily up.

“Show her in.” Prince Taylor glanced up—and did a double take. Ella walked in holding the left shoe. His face broke out into a wide grin as Ella bowed respectfully.

“I think you were looking for me?” Ella asked in her soft way.

Two years later the kingdom celebrated the Prince’s wedding. Ella was an even more
beautiful bride then she was the day they met. The kingdom celebrated for days.
King Taylor and Queen Ella lived happily ever after.

The End

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