Rumplestiltskin Again

Meanwhile, Rumplestiltskin entered the throne room. He was grinning broadly, putting everyone else in a deep unease.

“Your majesty, I have something for you.” Rumplestiltskin brought out a shoe.

“Where did you get that?” Prince Taylor said. He rushed forward to look at the shoe.

“Thought it might be important. The girl traded it in for some roots to cure a sick boy’s deadly fever.” Rumplestiltskin said. “She still has the other one.”

“This is perfect. My good fellow, what would you like?” Prince Taylor turned to Rumplestiltskin.

“Merely an appointment with your doctor, I want to sell him some Stargrass.” Rumplestiltskin said. As he predicted, he was immediately granted an audience. Then night turned into a highly profitable one.

“Secretary, put a notice out. I want it everywhere. All girls that attended the ball need to tell us what shoes they were wearing.” Prince Taylor told the older gentleman.

“You do realize this isn’t going to be easy. And some are going to lie.” The secretary said, peering down his glasses.

“But all I have is a shoe.” Prince Taylor looked at the shoe.

“Now, sir, you can tell a lot from this shoe.” The secretary took the shoe and examined it. “The shoe is a eight and a half, so we’re looking at a shorter girl. Also, the shoe looks brand new, so it probably was wore only once. And, the shoe would have matched her dress. So we are looking for a silver dress, and such the shoe is more simple, the dress probablysimple, yet elegant.”

“You can tell me all that from the shoe? That’s great!” Prince Taylor said in amazement.

“So, let’s put out a notice...” The secretary and prince leaned in conspiracy.


The End

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