The Ball

“Ok.” Cinderella said. She turned to say thank-you yet again, but Wes had disappeared. She turned and Crème galloped off, into the night.

She arrived a quarter till ten. Cinderella jumped off gracefully. Crème ambled off while Cinderella opened the door.

She followed her ears until she came into the great ball room. It was beautiful, purple and crème. Cinderella glided in, feeling better then she had in a long time.

“May I have this dance?” A tall guy with side swept brown hair and eyes. He flashed her a charming smile.

“You may.” Cinderella smiled and let him lead her out. It wasn’t until two dances later that Cinderella realized Prince Taylor was much more than a handsome prince and a terrible dancer.

The night flew by. “So, when does the guessing game stop? What’s your name?” Taylor teased.

“Well-“A bell signaling a quarter until midnight. Cinderella looked up. “Oh no, I have to go!” With that, she dashed off. Cinderella hurried and grabbed onto Crème.


They made it out of the castle gates just before the clock stroke twelve. Cinderella felt the magic disappear as she rode. She only stopped when she saw the baker out in the middle of the path.

The End

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