The Forgotten Chore, and Something Else

“Oh no!” Cinderella cried and hurried down the steps to the broken fenced pasture. An old grey horse came towards to her. “I’m sorry. It was so busy; I won’t forget you two again.”

            The old collie lifted his head and rubbed it against Cinderella’s leg. The horse reached out to her with his muzzle against her cheek.

            “Here is an apple for you, Crème.” Cinderella whispered as she gave the apple she got earlier. “And for you, Isis, I have a celery stick.” Cinderella gave the collie the stick.

            “You guys are my only comfort here. We have each other, even when the world has forgotten about us.” Cinderella smiled at her late father’s favorite steed and watchdog, both gone to seed.

            “This is your lucky night, you’ve been remembered.” Sir Wes came forward. The horse backed up a little and the collie got to his feet.

            “Who are, sir, and may I ask what you mean?” Cinderella asked.         

“My name is Sir Wes. I’ve come to offer you a deal.” Sir Wes said.

“You sound like Rumplestiltskin.” Cinderella said.“We can all make a couple deals. Now, I can get you to the Prince’s ball. You can enjoy yourself, make it your night!” Sir Wes said.

“Sounds great. Now what is in it for you?” Cinderella said softly. She looked at Sir Wes shrewdly. “I’ve dealt with Rumplestiltskin. Nothing is one sided in a deal.”

“Hmm, you might not trust me then.” Sir Wes said with a twinkle of laughter in his eyes. “After the ball, you give up your surname—thus freeing yourself from this family. You then become another’s. Do you remember the elderly woman who was here before?”

“Lady Carrie?” Cinderella asked.

“The very same. She becomes your mistress. I know you’ll find her much kinder.” Sir Wes said. “So, what do you say?”

“I accept.” Cinderella said in a heartbeat. “If I can take Crème and Isis. They would die without me.”

“Then, we have a deal.” Sir Wes nodded his head. And before Cinderella could blink, her rags were gone and instead she was easily the prettiest girl in kingdom, possibly the world.

“Oh thank you.” Cinderella cried as Crème came forward with a pretty saddle.

“Now, remember, like you we try to keep magic quiet. You will revert back to your old clothes at midnight... You get to keep the shoes; my new wife told me shoes are very important to a girl.” Sir Wes laughed and handed her a rock. “Get your things and by touching everything you want to bring. Then hold the rock in your hand and say ‘My name is no longer Trimmer.’ And you’ll be brought to us.” Sir Wes helped Cinderella onto her horse.

The End

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