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Meanwhile, Cinderella hurried upstairs were Lady Collette was yelling for her.

            “Yes, miss?” Cinderella asked.

            “What is this?” Lady Collette held up the dress. Cinderella froze. “Let me make this clear. You are forbidden to go to that ball! And as for this dress.” Lady Collette threw it into the fire.

            “No, please!” Cinderella cried. She watched it curl up with the flames. Cinderella felt all her hope evaporate.  “Please. All I was going to
do is go to that ball.”

            “And find some boy and not return? I don’t think so.” Lady Collette sneered. “Now go make supper. I want to eat early.” Cinderella opened her mouth to speak, but got smacked across her cheek.

            “Mother, I need my stockings patched, I got a run in them. See?” Katherine said like a two year old.

            “After supper Cinderella will patch them, darling. In fact, I think Ashlyn has a couple with runs to, tell her to put them on Cinderella’s bed.” Lady Collette said. She smirked, knowing what state Cinderella was in after the last patch work.

           Cinderella was lucky that night. Ashlyn found that she didn’t have the right necklace for her ball outfit. The night turned into the ball date and before she knew it, the family was ready to go.

“Here are the stockings.” Lady Collette said, shoving the stockings in Cinderella’s arms.

A little bit later Cinderella was in her room. Her fingers ached and were bloody from missing the needle. She sighed as she sat up straighter, escaped curls wet with perspiration sticking to her face and neck.

            “Done. Time to wash up, go to bed, get up to the same life I’ve always hated.” Cinderella said to her dark room. She sat up straight, remembering a forgotten chore.

The End

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