Wes's offer

“There is?” Carrie said softly. Wes handed her a small box for an answer. She opened it to see a simple, yet elegant, ring inside.

            “You can become my wife. Listen.” Wes leaned forward. “I know how to make you happy. I want to make you happy. I know how much your father’s property means to you. I can help you with it. Now just think about it.” Wes closed her hands around the box.

            “Okay.” Carrie said as the carriage stopped in front of her house.

            “If you decide yes, just put the ring on and I’ll know.” Wes said as he helped Carrie of the carriage. He tipped his hat to her before he stepped back into the carriage.

            Later that night, Carrie couldn’t sleep. She looked over at her dove, who was cooing softly. She rubbed her shoulders lightly.

            “I never liked these nights. They are so cold. What’s wrong with me?” She asked the dove. “I never got this opportunity before. No one wanted me as wife since I couldn’t have children. I got Father’s business as his only child. The male rentees I have to watch closely, they don’t respect me. And I can’t just wave my hands and fix everything that will scare them.” The dove cooed softly.

            “I might be crazy, but I think I’m going to do this.” Carrie said as she put on the ring. She shivered as it warmed her finger.  She heard a knocking
on the door a couple seconds later.

            Carrie hurried down and creaked it open. Wes was standing on the door stepped.

            “Wes.” Carrie opened the door as he and the palace minister entered.

            “Shall, we begin?” The minister asked. Wes and Carrie nodded.


The End

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