“Oh Carrie?” The other women looked at her.

“Sorry, what were you saying, Elise?” Carrie shook her head.

            “Oh, would you look at that, Renee, Carrie is a little girl on her mind.” Elise teased.

            “I would say so. Alas, I don’t think she can get her.” Renee said as the carriage stopped at her and Elise’s destination. Two distinguished men stood outside.

            After they exchanged occupants, the carriage continued on its way. The lawyer turned to Carrie.

            “May I ask who this her is?” Carrie smiled, hiding her annoyance. Lawyer Rachis was always butting in on things that didn’t concern him.

            “I just wondered how the Trimmer’s got their maid. She’s so young and bright.” Carrie said lightly.

            “Well, who knows where she got that brain from. Her parents must have taken out a big loan before they passed on and left it to their daughter.” The lawyer said. “Anyway, are you going to the prince’s coronation ball? Fancy seeing who his catch will be?” The lawyer eyed her. 

            “No, I don’t think so.” Carrie said shifting slightly.

            “Well-Oh Wait! Here’s my stop!” The carriage stopped slightly jostling its passengers. The lawyer just stopped to gently squeeze her knee. Carrie watched them as the oldest lawyer in the kingdom hurried up another’s person sidewalk.

            “He’s planning on asking you to marry him.” The other occupant of the carriage said. He was a little older then Carrie.

            “I heard him talking to someone when I finished Taylor’s last lesson.” The old man said. He was the teacher to the prince. Not just any teacher, but a magic teacher.

            “At my age, Wes?” Carrie said.

            “He knows people like us can live a long time.” Wes said softly. He well knew that people with magic always had a small number. He, Carrie, and the King, and Taylor were then only known people with magic.

            “I see.” Carrie said.

            “There is a way to stop him.” Wes said a calmly.

The End

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