Mysterious Carriage

It was three elder woman with beautiful dresses and fans in their hands. The two of them seemed to be in disagreement, they were shaking their heads. Presently, the
carriage came to a stop in the front of the driveway.

            “Thank you, sir. Here, child, would you come here?” The one woman called to Cinderella. Cinderella half glanced at the house before coming up to the carriage quickly.

            “Yes, miss.” Cinderella held her broom close. She raised her eyes just to drop them again.

            “My name is Carrie. What is yours, child?” Carrie asked softly.

“Cinderella, ma-am.” Cinderella said softly, aware of the women’s startled looks.

“Do you have another name?” Carrie asked.

“My name used to be Ella.” Cinderella said.

“Well, Ella, do you know how far the kingdom of Desmond is?”
Carrie asked.

“If you by lake it is a two day trip to the biggest port in Desmond, Weselyn, which is in the middle of the kingdom. If you go by land, it’s a three day trip but you will be on the farthest side, and it is just country side. It takes yet another day to reach the city.” Cinderella said.

“Why, isn’t some one bright.” One of the women sitting on the opposite side of the carriage said.

“That should settle your questions.” Carrie told her companions.

“Ah, we were both wrong.” The third women shook her head.

“Cinderella!” Carrie watched as Lady Collette came out and shooed her away. Cinderella scurried away, shrinking back from them. Carrie felt a deep stab of sympathy.

“We better get going. Driver?” The second women said, nodding to Lady Collette. The carriage began rolling again and Carrie lost herself to thought.

The End

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