Cinderella continued down to the shop owned by the strangest creature she knew. Rumplestiltskin.The small man with pointy ears and beady eyes smiled at her as she came in.

       "What will we have today?” He asked.

            “Stargrass, I’d like to trade it for a dress.” Cinderella said, putting the roots on the counter.

            “If it’s a deal you want, then you’re at the right place.” Rumplestiltskin said. He looked closely at the roots then walked to the back.

            “Here’s you a dress, pretty. You might need to alter the hem. And, to make it fair, here are two coins.” Rumplestiltskin said.

            “Thank you.” Cinderella said. She hurried home and put the dress on her hammock. She then hid the money in under the ragged blanket she used as a pillow.

            Cinderella heard the jingle of a carriage and hurried to the front porch, and started to sweep. She cleaned most of it, using her power to make the dirt slide away easily.

            “Mother, tell Ashlyn that it’s not fat.” Katherine pouted as they got off the carriage.

            “Girls, enough you’ve fought about this almost the entire way.” Sighed Lady Collette. “Cinderella! Tip the man.” She continued as she swept inside. “Then finish the walk, and make sure you wash it!”

            Cinderella grabbed a coin and hurried to the man. She looked up at him, noticing he was more a boy than man.

            “Here you go, thank you, good sir.” Cinderella gave him the money. The boy’s eyes widened when he saw the tip.

            “Thank you, miss. Good day.” The boy tipped his hat as he started the horses back toward the service station.

            “Good day.” Cinderella replied. She returned to her sweeping. She had just finished when she heard jingle bells

            Cinderella saw that the carriage was white with gold trimming, a carriage fit for the elite or the king. It won’t be the king. I wonder who it is? Cinderella
lifted her head slightly to see the occupants.

The End

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