Another take on the Cinderella story with a couple different twists.


Once Upon A Time in a large kingdom of Asha, there lived a successful merchant, Elliot and his little daughter, Ella. Ella’s mother had passed away after her birth, so it was only Elliot and Ella in their small family, bringing the two very close.

            Although they were happy, Elliot sought to expand their family. His wishes seemed to come true as he met Lady Collette and her two daughters, Ashlyn and Katherine. They were married before Ella turned eight, and for a while, the family lived in great harmony.

            However, as some will tell you, harmony doesn’t last forever. So was true for this family. Fights started to rift between husband and wife. Squabbles about how the girls should be raised, and Lady Collette accused Elliot of favoring Ella to everyone, including her. The fight ended with Elliot leaving for his ship to make a big purchase. His ship was lost in a surprised gale. And so was the early death of Elliot and the sea became his grave.

            Ella would always remember this day clearly. It was the day when the sun that shined seemed to mock them, and the day she saw what jealousy could do. Her stepmother held her responsible for her father’s death. In grief, she banished her to attic, in the lone tower of their house. Lady Collette gave Ella’s toys to her own daughters, leaving Ella nothing but a few rag tag dresses. She used the dresses as an excuse to make her the maid. Ella stepsisters joined in, secretly envious of Ella’s pretty looks and fine mind. Ashlyn began calling her Cinderella, and Lady Collette made it her name.

            And so began Cinderella’s new life as a maid in fear of her mistress, for Cinderella was not an ordinary girl. Strange things would happen, and Cinderella would be severely punished. Her stepmother began to fear her after she stopped grieving. So, she did all that was in her power to make sure no one would ever find out about the widow’s maid...


The End

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