Church and State

WASHINGTON — After a long period of just existing, the Atheist movement has finally formed into its own church. This is causing massive confusion on Washington with "separation of church and state." The Supreme Court is debating on how this development will change that definition. "Obviously something has to change. We can't impose no religion [sic], since 'no religion' is now a religion," said the president in a press briefing, "It is up to the courts to decide on the future of 'separation of church and state.'"

"There are a few things that the Supreme Court needs to decide," one analyst told the Associated Press, "First, the Court must decide if the Atheist Church is a religion at all. Second, if it is a religion, what does that mean for all of the public places that have been stripped of religious symbols by atheists?"

The new formed religion is sparking a lot of controversy. "It just doesn't make sense," Reverend Robert Oakes told SBC News, "to have a religion without a God. God is the very essence of religion. You can't just say there is no God and form a religion by that belief." While he doesn't understand it, he still sees it a good thing, "This could bring religious symbols of all forms to public places everywhere. Instead of 'no religion,' all religions will be equally and publicly displayed."

Outrage has sparked throughout the community of atheistic Americans, "The only reason I don't believe in God is so I don't have to go to church. Now not believing in God is a religion?" one protester told reporters Monday.

The Supreme Court is expected to have their decision on May 6, which is, ironically, the National Day of Prayer.

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