An Unknown Place



Surrounded by great ancient trees.

Her eyes were slowly getting used to the dark. Reality sank in. She was here again, in a forest, and she had been running, even before she was aware of her surroundings. Something, someone, was behind her again. The sound of her own heartbeats filled her ears. Her feet started to get hurt. She didn’t know how long and far she had run. Her feet ghosted upon the dry leaves and small branches as she flew through the lines of trees.

She was being chased, again.

A lot of people were after her. Their voices echoed everywhere in the forest. She couldn’t bring herself to care where she was going anymore. She kept running without looking back. The hazy dim light shone through the foliage. She was irritated. That light could expose her rather than help. Her eyes worked well enough in the dark. No, “enough” was not a suitable word. She could see everything as in day light.

Wait, since when did her eyes become like that?

‘Oh, isn’t it a normal thing?’ something whispered in her mind. ‘Aren’t you too used to darkness?’

‘But why?’

Her question went unanswered. She increased her pace. No time to wonder, no time to think.

No time to stop.

Everything slowly blurred.

“… ciela ensow… varrue… eah… jodia…”


The long dark eye-lashes fluttered. Was she caught? In her dream?

“Nie… deta sowe…”

This dream lasted longer than she thought.

“Eah… jodia… dre fenyor…”

‘Foreign language?’

Heavy eye lids slowly lifted.

“Enla farra jodia!”


The black-haired girl started to hear more clearly. She tried to shift a little and found her body ache as though she hadn’t moved for a long time. If she hadn’t been too tired, she would have winced outwardly.

‘Great, now even my brows don’t want to move, either,’ mused Elly, clearly annoyed.

She tried to blink away her haze of thoughts and opened her eyes for real white making another attempt to sit up. The beautiful amethyst eyes had to close again in pain when bright light intruded.

“Not again. I’ve had enough of white light recently!”

A soft gasp came from somewhere in front of her and Elly realised she had spoken her thought out loud. Carefully bringing her hand to her eyes, she began to adjust and get used to her surroundings.

Standing before the noirette was a young girl who looked about her age with a blue headband on her wavy silver hair, though through her movements in the light, Elly could detect some light violet shade. The girl had charming dark eyes and pale skin. Below her left eyes were two diamond-shaped tattoo, one smaller than the other. She was wearing a long white and blue dress, knee-length striped stockings and big leather boots that didn’t seem to fit her thin legs. The way she dressed reminded Elly of some adventurer cosplayers she saw in a Japanese convention some months ago.

Two girls had stared and sent each other curious glances for several minutes before a young man, also with silver hair and fantasy leather costume decided to break the silence. He came near the silver-haired teen and touched her shoulder. Once he had got her attention, he jerked his head toward the direction of the door, clearly indicating something like “we need to talk”. Of course, Elly couldn’t be so sure because they were speaking a very strange language, too strange for her ears. She assumed they were relatives, perhaps siblings or cousins as their appearance told her their age.

When the strangers had left the room and slammed the door shut behind them, Elly took a good look around her. She was on a bed, in a room with stone floor and wooden walls. Everything seemed quite old and simple. The room was barely furnished and not very spacious. Beside her bed was a wooden end-table and on top of its was a bowl. Elly picked it up to see some kind of soup inside. It might be food, she thought, but she didn’t dare to taste since nothing could be guaranteed. What caught her attention, however, was the bowl material. At first sight, it might be mistaken for china, but in fact, it wasn’t. The bowl was cool and emitted a soothing pale light while the soup was still hot. The material was mere white but for some reasons really smooth and… angelic. She never thought she would use the world relating to angels to describe a bowl, but she wasn’t able to keep her eyes off it.

‘I have never seen such a thing like this. What’s a material of this kind doing here?’ thought Elly. Something suddenly dawned on her.

The noirette looked around to see her necklace lay peacefully on her pillow. Yes, that’s right. A strange material that she had never heard of before. Weren’t they pretty much the same? Although they were two different materials, they both were beyond her knowledge. A grin crossed the girl’s beautiful features as she found a light at the end of the dark tunnel. Maybe, just maybe, she could find her real family.

The happy moment soon passed to leave behind the dark-haired teen with a frown. From what she saw, people here wore strange costumes and spoke an equally strange language. Of all the countries she had learnt about, none had these characteristics, well, at least the clothes. Where was she? Looking around the room once more, she felt worried. ‘I hope they aren’t holding me captive,’ thought Elly.

The door opened again, slowly revealing the silver-haired girl from before. She stood there in the bright light, not making any moves, however. Elly supposed she didn’t mean any harm, but the girl was also cautious of her. The noirette sighed. Despite the need to say something, she was certain the silver-haired wouldn’t be able to understand what she meant. It was awkward as neither could speak nor do anything. Elly was truly annoyed. She hated being stared at, especially when this was the second time in half an hour. She had to try her best not to show an unfriendly frown. She didn’t know their intentions, so it was best not to make them think she was distant and hostile.


A male voice caught both girls’ attention. ‘It must be her name,’ Elly made a quick guess, not one hundred percent sure, but pretty much positive. She had briefly recognized the voice of the silver-haired young man who was also in the room not long before as well.

The girl just turned her back but didn’t close the door to whisper something incoherently to her, as Elly assumed, brother or cousin. Over her shoulder, Elly could see the man send glances toward her direction sometimes. She wondered if they even understood looking at people they barely knew like that was rude.

After some nodding in seeming agreement, the young man eventually left. The silver-haired girl entered the room and approached Elly. The dark-haired teen was about to sigh, thinking that they would start another staring session when all of a sudden, the other girl beamed cheerfully.

“Evelah, naceh farwe dia!”

Elly looked at her with a nonchalant expression, hoping that she would get the meaning in her amethyst eyes: You know too well I can’t understand you.

The silver-haired wasn’t stupid, as she extended her arm in an encouraging manner. Elly quickly considered the situation, then slowly held out her five. The girl immediately shook their hands and smiled more brightly.

‘Not a bad start for a foreigner, I guess,' thought the noirette inwardly. Before she realized, a smile had also formed on her lips.

The End

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