Library and Revelation

Elly didn’t have much work to do for the rest of the day after leaving Vera’s house. Her best friend was waiting impatiently to see the effects of past changing, now present to them, but she couldn’t do anything about it. In day light, she didn’t seem to have any will to “activate” the earring no matter how hard she tried.

As her father was at work and mother was out for a while, she decided to do research first, and ask her mother for information later. The black-haired girl chose destination for the day – the city library. Since it was a big one and stored a thousands of books, a ray of hope sprouted in her heart. She wasn’t entirely sure what she would do if she found out the original material of her earring, but it wasn’t like she had anything else to investigate.

After showing the librarian her member card, Elly started to browse through countless bookshelves. She let out a sigh upon realizing she had a lot to read. The possibilities were unpredictable so she couldn’t narrow down the chances. She took out her earring-necklace to check it one more time. Perhaps she would read about silver first. At least it was better than not knowing where to start and she didn’t like choosing some random books. She wasn’t so impatient as Vera was, but she wouldn’t waste her time if she could prevent it.

“May I help you?”

A calming voice in a cold tone reached the black-haired teen’s ears which made her startled. The surprised expression, however, was swept from her face in a blink of an eye. She nodded her head in greetings and answered politely, “Thank you. I appreciate your offer, but I think I can manage.”

Elly looked at the taller stranger, judging carefully. She wasn’t breathtakingly beautiful, but she had a nice appearance with platinum blond hair and pale skin as if she rarely went out in the sun light. Surrounding her was a calming aura despite the seeming solitude. The girl didn’t have extraordinary features but there was something really impressive and pleasant about her.

“…need help.”

Elly was snapped out of her thoughts, “Pardon?”

The blond girl showed a small smile, “You’ve been standing there looking confused for the twenty last minutes. I thought you would need helping.”

“Are you a librarian?” asked Elly.

“No, I’m not,” the girl shook her head, “I spend a lot of time here, though so I’m quite familiar with this place.”

Elly hesitated, not that she didn’t believe the girl, but she doubted anyone could lend her a hand.

“I am actually looking for information,” she pulled out the earring, now necklace, once more, “about the material from which this was made.”

Some unreadable emotions crossed the platinum blonde’s eyes, “It looks like silver, but it isn’t, is it? Otherwise it wouldn’t trouble you that much,” she extended her hand, “May I have a closer look?”

As it was harmless, Elly handed the earring to the seemingly older girl. After inspecting the silver-like accessory for a brief moment, the girl started to grab some books from the huge wooden shelf. “I don’t know if these will help, but they’re worth trying.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your name?” asked the black-haired girl in a friendly tone.

“You can call me Lia,” answered the other teen with a soft smile, “What’s yours?”

“It’s Elly, Elly Quint.”

“Nice to meet you, Elly. How old are you? You seem to be younger than me.”

“I’m sixteen, but I went to school one year late. I am going to Glenhill High School this September,” answered the black-haired girl honestly.

“Ah, that’s amazing. I go to Glenhill too. I’m in the third year so that makes me your senior, doesn’t it?” said Lia in a calming tone as usual. “Anyway, I have to do some research. See you later.”

“See you later, senior Lia. Thank you for helping me,” Elly said with a grateful smile.

When the older teen left, the younger one decided to sit down at a random table and started her work.

After having read a no small number of books, Elly gave in. The only thing she could sum up was that the earring was made from a very, very rare material. But that also meant if she was able to find information about it, it would be easier to find her family since nobody owned such hard to find things, thought the girl inwardly and her face brightened a little.

Elly was about to find one or two books to borrow when she passed by a shelf and saw a newly familiar figure with beautiful platinum blond hair flowing behind her back. It was Lia, and the younger girl wondered why Lia was still in the library. “I guess she was not kidding when she said she spent a lot of time here,” thought Elly.

Since her senior was attentively reading something, she decided not to disturb and silently walked across the shelf where Lia was standing. However, she happened to hear some soft whispers “-mel fara… dedi sye… aria…” The black haired girl stopped her track and listened closely to find that it was a language she couldn’t understand, but it sounded very pleasant and melodious to her ears.

Suddenly, Lia stopped whispering and jerked her head up as if she knew somebody was eavesdropping. Elly quickly hid herself carefully behind a huge bookshelf and slowly left the place, trying not to get noticed. Whatever that language was, it was none of her concern.


It had been lunch by the time the young girl got home. Elly did everything as planned. Although her father shot her some skeptical and unsure glance when she brought up the subject, she was sure that he would follow the given advice.

After the meal, Elly went back to her room again. She didn’t have the habit to take a nap at noon, but today she was unbelievably tired and bored with experiencing the ordinary events of the days before school that she had already known. Therefore, she settled on her bed and decided to have a short rest in half an hour or so.


She found herself standing on a crystal floor, surrounded by huge crystal walls with shiny reflections.  It was a large room with very high ceiling which looked like the night sky. No, it was even better. It was as if the whole universe was shrunken and put above the grand room. She saw the slow movements of celestial bodies and the beautiful light of countless stars forming various galaxies. In the center of the room was a high crystal fountain. She slowly became more aware of her surroundings and noticed some globes and maps floating around. She tried to touch them, but they were flying pretty high.

Elly was admiring the wonderful room when suddenly, she heard some sound, a singing voice to be precise. For some unknown reasons, her mind couldn’t make out any words, but she could feel the melody. It was beautiful and soft, yet very happy and the instruments’ sound were magical, too.

“How nice, I have never had good dreams before,” mused the black-haired girl.

She didn’t know why she wanted to reach for that melody so much. She started walking towards the dedicatedly ornamented door to make her way out. She kept walking, walking, but try hard as she might, the door also floated further and further away.


Purple eyes fluttered open to meet hazel ones. The beautiful shade of amethyst’s owner sat up from her lying position and looked at her friend sleepily.

“Vera, what are you doing here?”

“Just passing by. I am bored and you happen to have the right subject I want to talk about,” said Vera shrugging her shoulders, “But it seems I came at the wrong time. You’ve been dreaming?”

Elly smiled inwardly at the concern in Vera’s eyes although the brunette girl had tried to cover her emotion, “I have. But there’s nothing to be worried about.”

“I am absolutely not worried,” Vera stuck out her tongue.

The brunette girl sat down beside her friend, taking an overall look.

“Did you dream about being chased again?”

Elly smiled while shaking her head, “No. I managed to have a normal dream once in a while.”

“Oh, really? What was it then?” asked Vera.

“Well, it was about…”

Elly became confused. She remembered it a moment ago, and now she didn’t know what she dreamed of anymore. She knew it was a good dream, but why it was good, she didn’t know. All of a sudden, she couldn’t put her finger on it, yet she believed it was still in her mind.

“Hey, Elly…” Vera pat her friend’s shoulder.


“I was asking you a question,” frowned the brunette girl.

Elly thought briefly before answering. She was clueless, but Vera wouldn’t believe it easily. Therefore, she showed a seemingly natural smile to reassure the other teen. “It’s not something worth being mentioned. What time is it?”

“Don’t worry. It’s only half past one in the afternoon,” Vera glanced down at her watch and shot her friend an uncertain look, “Are you sure about your dream?”

The beautiful black-haired girl chuckled, “I’m positive. Aren’t you happy to have a normal friend once in a while?”

“I won’t believe there’s anything normal about you.”

“You’re being repetitive. I’ve heard that more than… I don’t even know how many times.”

Vera huffed when her best pal kept smiling innocently.

“Anyway, what did you do the whole morning after leaving my house?”

“I went to the library to do some research,” answered Elly, “It turned out that the material used to make my earring is indeed rare, but that means it would be easier to find my family because not many people own such rare things, right?”

Vera nodded, “I guess so, but if I’m not mistaken, you haven’t found any information about the material from the way you spoke.”

Elly scoffed, “Sharp.”

“I am,” The brunette smirked smugly.

“If all these things don’t work out, I guess I’ll research about the earring decoration patterns,” continued Elly.

Vera raised her eye brow in question.

“Look at this,” Elly took out her earring and showed it to her friend, “The earring has some details inside. I don’t know if it acts like some kind of family symbol. It’s worth trying.”

Hazel eyes looked at the earring closely while the tan hands carefully examined it. The earring was a circle with some things like runes attached inside. They were separated by some small gaps that measured exactly the same and that was when she realized something.

“El, try to count these!”

Elly was uncertain what her friend was trying to tell, but she did it anyway. It wasn’t hard for her to follow Vera’s thinking.

“Tell me I don’t need to go back to grade one to learn about counting,” said Vera excitedly.

“We have twelve runes separated by small gaps…” said Elly, but it was more like she was talking to herself.

“Exactly, and…”

The two girls looked at each other and said in sync.

“They were divided just like a clock.”

The End

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