The First School Day

Elly Quint was happy with her life and she didn't expect any big changes despite knowing she was adopted. However, life never went the way she wanted when one day she was given an earring by her mother. Events occurred after events and a whole new world was waiting for her. Dragon villages, adventurers, Dark and Light Kingdom, High-class Knights, long lost sister,...
Join Elly Quint in her adventure through time and space to countless dimensions and discover her real identity.

A girl slowly walked down the stairs with her silky black hair flowing behind, trying not to wake up her parents that soon. It was only a quarter to seven o’clock in the morning. In fact, she had been up since dawn and couldn’t sleep again, but she didn’t want to leave her room. She always had the tendency to get up early since she didn’t need much sleep.

“Good morning sweetheart~!”

The girl almost slipped on the floor. She looked at her mother, who was beaming and holding an enormous plate of breakfast in her hands.

“You startled me, mom!”

Despite that fact, the black-haired youth still smiled.

“What are you doing here at this time?”

“It’s your first day in high school. I thought I should at least get up and make you something nice to eat,” her mother’s black eyes shone with joy.

“And although I cannot help much, I decided to get up early too. Good morning, honey.”

Her dad came out from the dining room and gave her a hug. His black eyes were also full of happiness and also pride.

Her purple eyes blinked. She could feel warmth deep inside her heart. Yes, she was different from her parents as she wasn’t their child. In another word, she was adopted. But they still loved her and so did she. The black-haired girl was pleased with her life and her happy family.

“Ahem…” her mother broke the tight hug between her and father. “For God’s sake, Andy, even I, a woman, don’t get that emotional when my daughter grows up.”

“I know, Minerva, but I can’t hold back my feelings. Time passes so fast.”

The girl was honestly shocked to see some tears brimming in her dad’s eyes.

“Oh please, it’s just been 3 years. Forget your dad, Elly. Come here and have breakfast before everything cools down.”

Elly, as she was called by her mother, got pulled to the dining table.

“Eat this, Elly, I tried my best to cook that dish. Oh, try this, too. The dish over there is also worth tasting. Honey, can you get me the soup in the saucepan?”

Elly smiled sheepishly at her mother’s overcarring. Usually it was often her who made breakfast. Now, don’t get her wrong. Her parents loved her dearly and never wanted her to do all the chores around the house. She just happened to have a lot of time which she spared from her sleepless moments. Her mother was once worried that she could be suffering from insomnia, but when they went to see a doctor and tried every method they could get their hands on, she still couldn’t sleep much. Since she wasn’t tired from the lack of sleep, her parents finally accepted the truth that their child was totally fine, even though they didn’t know the reason.

“Elly, don’t get distracted. I might think my food is bad.”

“Ah, I am sorry, mom. I was just thinking.”

“Young lady, don’t think too much while you’re eating or you’ll get a stomachache.”

Elly had to force a smile. Her mother really need to stop being too protective. She was sixteen, although she wasn’t really sure.

From what her parents said, she was found in a field where her parents went on a picnic. The weather forecast said it was going to be a beautiful day. Her mother was pretty upset at the fact that their forecasting was all wrong. When they came to the picnic site, it started raining, but she was also grateful. But for her parents’ wrong decision to go on a picnic, they wouldn’t have been found.

Her parents assumed she was around fourteen years old back then. When she woke up, she didn’t even speak, which made them think she was either deaf or mute, maybe both. After a few days of caring and comforting, three days to be precise, she finally talked to them in disjointing words.

In the end, she managed to talk comfortably to the strangers, now her parents. Then came another problem. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t tell her name, how old she was or where she lived. They fetched a doctor and his conclusion was that she had amnesia. They did not know how long it would last nor how to find the solution.

They tried to find her parents, but they didn’t know how as there was nothing to help with their investigation. They had to give up eventually and adopt her. Her mother was happy, though as she had always wanted a child but wasn’t able to bear one.

Another problem was education. She could read, she could write, she could do calculation and a lot more stuff which only required a brain. But when she was asked about famous literary, well-known people, world history and so on, she was clueless. Her father thought the amnesia might be more serious than they thought. They had to home-tutor her for a while and let her go to school after one year with other 14-year-old children. Her father thought it was the best since with her condition, she needed to repeat one year, if she was really fifteen, that is. Of course, she couldn’t remember everything, but she managed to keep up with common knowledge in geography, history, literature,… basically subject which need memory.

Other than not being able to grow up as well as other children do, they didn’t have to solve any other problems. Elly wasn’t short, but she wasn’t tall, either. She just looked the same over the years while her friends could be a few more centimeters tall. That led to her mother always making her eat a lot of food to grow.

“Good morning, Mr. and Mrs. Quint.”

A cheerful voice rang in the living room. Standing in front of the door step was a short form of a girl with shoulder-length brunette hair and twinkling hazel eyes. But Elly didn’t even have to take a single look to see it was Vera, her best friend.

“Come in, Vera. You’re just in time. Elly has just finished breakfast,” Minerva gestured at the sofa to show a seat for her daughter’s friend.

“Thank you, Mrs. Quint.”

“To whom do I own the honor of welcoming you to my home at this time, Vera?” Elly walked toward her friend from the dining room.

Vera only showed a sweet smile, but her tone sounded somewhat displeased.

“Don’t be sarcastic, Elly.”

The black-haired girl chortled, grabbing her bag and walked closer to where her best friend was sitting.

“You know what I mean. You’ve always been late and it’s often me who have to come to your house.”

“It can’t be helped that today’s our first day in high school,” said Vera with a shrug.

“I seeeeee… So you’re being nervous.”

Vera swore that she saw a glint of amusement in those glassy purple eyes.

“That’s nonsense. I don’t get nervous about such a silly thing. Last time I checked, I’m not an elementary school student.”

Elly sent her friend a mockingly knowing look.

“Now, now, you two, don’t fight when the new day has just begun.” interrupted Minerva. She had been watching the two girls in the living room for quite a while, but they were so engrossed in their conversation that they didn’t notice her. “It’s time to go school.”

Vera glared at Elly for the last time before rising from her seat.

“Goodbye, and I wish you have a good day, Mr. and Mrs. Quint.”

“Goodbye, mom, dad.”

Minerva Quint watched her daughter and her best friend leave the house.

“Have fun, child.”

She stood near the house threshold, smiling kindly as the two teenage slowly disappeared at the end of the street. That smile couldn’t be mistaken for a nervous one, though.

“I guess I’ll give it to you when you’re home.”

With a sigh of uncertainty, she turned on her heel and closed the front door.


” …I have to make as many friends as possible. My mom said I needed to be less reserved. I totally disagree!!! I am not reserved, I just don’t like befriending everyone. Some I can’t even stand seeing…”

Vera had been talking about her plans for high school since they left Elly’s house.

“You know, like the girls last year. I also tried to be friendly, but they just disliked me. Then my mom blamed everything on me like I hadn’t made any effort.”

Elly was only walking slowly beside her friend, not saying anything as she was used to her friend’s morning rants. Moreover, her mind was clouded with thoughts that day.

“I just hope this year is going to be good. I look forward to it as it is a fresh start. But if it doesn’t turn out well… Hey, Elly!”


“Were you listening to me?” asked Vera with a skeptical look.

Elly smiled in order to reassure her friend.

“Of course I was. Would you like me to repeat everything?”

Vera immediately made a face.

“No, thanks. I don’t want to replay my rants. I just want to let them out and definitely don’t like them coming back in my head.”

And also because of the mischievous grin hidden behind the innocent look from her friend, Vera added internally.

Elly nodded and went on walking without saying a word. But this time, even Vera was silent.

“Elly?” she called for her friend after a short while.


“If you are troubled with anything, you can talk to me.”

“Who says I am troubled?”

Vera shrugged when she noticed the slight frown on Elly’s face.

“I don’t know. You can call it a friend’s instinct. So…” Vera glanced over the black-haired girl walking next to her, “Will you tell me or not?”

“It’s really nothing. I just had a nightmare last night.”

“You really dreamed?” her eyes widened in shock.

“Don’t look at me like that.”

“I just can’t help it. It’s not like I have known you for long, but to my knowledge, you almost never dream, and once you do…”

“I/You encounter a nightmare.”

Vera would find their chorus funny if they weren’t having a serious discussion.

“Are you sure you aren’t being too stressed?” she made a suggestion only to see Elly shake her head.

“Of course I’m not. It’s only our first day in high school.”

“Why didn’t you tell your parents? I can tell that they don’t know anything from their bright mood back in your home.”

“I don’t want them to be worried,” Elly shrugged as if it was a natural thing to hide secrets from her parents.

“I feel like I am taking care of your parents’ responsibility,” Vera gave out a sigh. “What did you dream about then?”

“You would laugh.”

Vera placed her hands on her hips, narrowing her eyes in order to deny. All she received was mockingly knowing look for the second time in the morning. She didn’t like it that sometimes Elly acted older than her age.

“I was being chased.”

Elly’s words cut her flow of thoughts and then she knitted her brows just to start thinking again. She found it weird of her friend to hate being chased by someone. When they first became some sort of… near-friends, Vera tried to pull a prank and chased the purple-eyed around the school, which gained her a week of silence from Elly. She was very, very displeased.

Sometimes she brought up the question in her mind, but even Elly wasn’t able to give a proper answer. She only said it gave her an insecure feeling and she detested it. Vera certainly didn’t believe that at first. It was only a friendly joke from a friend and Elly shouldn’t have made it seem like the end of the world.

She always kept an eye on her friend in Physical Education class. Elly did well at many things as she did in other subjects at school, but when they had a contest or such which required them to run after one another, Elly often seemed uncomfortable. In the end, she assumed that was her friend’s natural body reaction despite not knowing the source of that phobia.

“Who was after you in the dream?” she decided to ask.

“I don’t know for sure. I heard many faint voices and I ran like there was no tomorrow. My mind just told me to run even when I wasn’t certain what wanted to capture me.”

“Not many clues for us, are there?”

“I guess so.”

Noticing Elly’s nervous fidget, Vera placed her hand on the other girl’s shoulder.

“I guess it’s not something you should be worried about. Just forget it. You are safe and sound in your family.”

Elly didn’t reply as they were approaching the gate, but she had felt a lot better than before. Thanks, Vera. She thought to herself and walked toward the school with a lighter heart and mind.

The End

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