Sometimes I'd like to be proved wrong.

So here we go again. All over again. Back to square one in the board game of life. I know what you’re thinking when you look at me.  I can tell exactly what you’re thinking; your expression speaks for you. How can I tell? I’ve received it plenty of times from complete strangers, from everyday people I talk to, and even from him. He was probably an unusual choice to begin with, not the most attractive boy in the world, but for some reason I gained feelings from him. Presumably the wrong thing to do to begin with, I’ve burned myself on the flame of love before; I wonder how many more burns on my heart it will take.

I slumped my way through the corridors to school, my backpack slamming against my back as my heart thudded against my insides. My next class would be unbearable, it wasn’t because I was horrifically late it was more the fact I had to sit through the whole lesson staring eye to eye with my crush. I called it a crush; my friend’s called it a love stuck heartache which is rather dramatic if you ask me.

 Soon I arrived at the door to my Science class, I reached my trembling had to the door and knocked lightly, with ever knock it felt like I was slamming my fist into my gut rather then the old wooden door. A stern voice called out to me through the door and I opened it, seeing my teacher staring at me from the board and 30 eyeballs ogling me which sent my paranoia through the roof. I hastily took my seat and slid my backpack off my back trying to ignore everyone and especially the two hazel eyes opposite me. Soon I was unpacked and ready to catch up with the lesson; I tapped my pen against the table and crossed my legs as I awaited further instructions. Before anything else could happen a note landed on my blank page and I instantly wanted to rip it open and read it but I noticed the teacher staring at me, talking to me about what I had to do. I nodded blankly, clutching the note in my hands to keep it out of sight from the teacher.

Time ticked by slowly and I rushed my way to catch up with everyone, I had only one chance to peek at my note, it read:

Hey you made it in! Good thing too, we were starting to worry our news would go untold! See you at break.

- Your lovely pals. x

A sigh escaped past my lips as a I crumpled the paper in my hand, turning around briefly to catch the sight of my friend's mischevious grings. What have they done now? I pondered on this thought for a moment as I returned to my work, almost done, just a few more-


Nevermind, then.

The next lesson was Art, my savior, something I could enjoy. Gathering my stuff I looked up to quickly catch sight of my crushes' face before I wouldn't see him for a few lessons. To my much suprise he was looking at me, not smiling but not exactly frowning, for a split second he smiled and then headed out the door, leaving me in that akward state of mind that was cross between an excited four year old and  giddy thirteen year old.



The End

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