Chronicles of Utter Nonsense through the Chocolate Eyed Fey.

''things to do today.
1. get up.
2. survive.
3. go back to bed.''

Sunlight filtered its way through my curtain, somehow bounced it's way off my wood flooring - defying physics - and blinded me. Precisely a nanosecond after rubbing my eyes and retreating to the soft warm haven under the bed covers my mother's voice yelled for me to get up, yup, my day had begun. Scrambling around amongst the several blankets and pillows I kept for comfort I yanked my Dressing Gown out from under a pile of washing neatly sprawled across my bed in a dignified mess. I struggled to my feet and slung the dressing gown over my partially naked body, creeping over my messy floor towards the door, something I had perfected to do even in this state of mind, wasn't particularly outstanding.  

Only to be greeted by my father's jolly 'morning' I responded with the same undecipherable mumble I did every morning, thundering down the stairs with heavy steps. In the kitchen my mother was dithering about, how she managed to be able to have such energy in the morning - or more then me at least - baffled me, another grumble escaped past my lips as I prepared my breakfast.

Back inside my humble boudior, I spooned some of the milky cocopops into my mouth, absent-mindedly scrambling around for my controller, usually beside my pillow where I leave it the night before. I turned on the TV, switching over to channel '0101', Radio 1. Usually by now my bowl was empty, or mostly, and then chucked on my bedside stool whislt I rest my head for the next fifteen minutes.

The rest of the morning is a blur whilst I rush myself, getting ready for school, we eventually leave about Eight am, later if it's 'one of those days'. Which today was, I knew I was to be late for assembly. Wednesdays, don't you just love them? I know I do. In the car the radio is flickered back to Radio 1, where there is either light banter exchanged between me and my mum, or none at all where we let the Radio presenters do the talking.

Today was to be a day like any other, I had to doubt about it.



The End

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