Chronicles of the Paw

A very unlikely group of anthro's are sent on a mission to explore another planet. Along their journey, they must learn to work together and grow together as their journey will be nothing short of a long one. They meet many others along the way, some they once knew, others they've never met, and even some they never expected to meet. It is an adventure that they will never forget as they learn about a new world, about themselves... and each other.

                 The sun was just braking over the hills of Willamette Valley in Oregon. The dew glistened in the cool crisp air, hinting at the end soon to come of the spring season. Soon summer would be upon the valley and the days would be become warmer and longer. It was a quiet morning as the birds began singing to the morning sun as it slowly peered over the horizon, but the peace and tranquility of the morning was suddenly shattered by the sound of an alarm clock going off in a small farm house at the foot of the valley.

               An adolescent wolf named Tobi was still laying in bed as he hit the 'lazy' button, then went back to sleep. He was not able to doze for very long as the sun continued to rise, just enough to poke through his curtains and right into his eyes. He decided it wasn't worth fighting daylight as he rolled out of bed, cursing the cruel daylight the whole way to the shower. After Tobi finished his shower, he got dressed for school, and caught the scent of breakfast being made downstairs. The warm scent of food was soon followed by his mother calling him to the table.  Tobi finished getting ready for school and scampered downstairs to eat before leaving for school, grabbing his jacket and backpack as he headed out the door.

"Bye mom, love you! See you when I get home!" He exclaimed, walking to his truck.

"Goodbye, sweety!" She replied  from the porch.

         Tobi was in high school and was on the varsity football team. There were few things he loved more than football, and those were his mom, his truck, and females. Usually in that same order. Tobi always had a smile when he walked outside to his truck as it brought back memories of his father and him.

            His truck was the only thing he had left to remember his father. They worked on it for years, building it from the ground up every chance they got. It was THEIR project, but tragically it was the last one. Shortly after completing the truck, his father had succumb to severe illness and passed away only months later. It had been three years now since he passed, though Tobi tried not to think about his passing too often and tried to focus on the better memories.

           Tobi climbed in his truck and started the engine, letting it warm up, closing his eyes and enjoying the deep throaty rumble of the engine. So full of power, yet so relaxing to him. After a few minutes he put the truck in gear and started down the long gravel driveway and into town. The drive into town was always really peaceful with the quiet landscape and outstretched country roads, Tobi could see for miles. It was the city traffic on the highway that he hated most, as it was almost always backed up. Any other day he would have turned around and taken a detour, but looking at his fuel gauge, he couldn't. There were a lot of commuters ranging from the high class executives driving their expensive cars and talking on their cell phones to teens packed in their little wannabe street racers. Here and there he could spot the ever so obvious soccer mom and even the occasional neighbor that Tobi recognized, waving "hello" as they passed. The only thing Tobi and the other commuters had in common was a shared dislike for rush hour traffic and today he anticipated being there for a while, spotting construction signs in the distance.

           Meanwhile, across town in a much higher class community, a young badger named Kinto was also getting ready for the day. Through out most of his early education, he had been enrolled in the finest establishments in the area and naturally became extremely intelligent, which put balance to his pint size stature. He was also a very tidy and clean cut individual, almost obsessive. He made his bed as he woke, cleaned his room before leaving, and he even made sure the bathroom was in proper order after his morning shower. After he finished his morning routine, he went to the kitchen for breakfast, said goodbye to his parents, and then departed for school.

          Back on the highway, Tobi managed to fight his way through traffic, weaved through the city streets, taking any shortcut or back route he could find, and eventually pulled into the school parking lot. Finding a decent parking spot was a menacing challenge in and of itself, but in the end Tobi persevered and found a parking spot next to Kinto's fancy sedan. He parked his truck, grabbed his bag, and headed to class.

           As he entered the class room, he headed toward the back as always. Tobi figured the instructor would be less likely to call on him, to see if he was paying attention, if he were toward the back of the classroom. He was successful in staying awake for the first part of class, but after about an hour, he drifted off to sleep. His mind was filled with thoughts of the upcoming game, the football championship, and females, of course. Before he knew it, his first period class had ended and he walked down the hall to his science class. In most cases, Tobi wasn't very interested in anything more than the game, however, he really enjoyed science. Maybe it was because every day was a chance to see something explode, catch fire, just do something weird. It was also one of the few classes he didn't need much help with. He had been studying advanced physics and quantum mechanics for a few years, so high school science was quite easy for him.

            He remembered the day a group of federal agents came to his house and gave him a list of things that he alone was required to learn and be proficient with. When he had asked why, he was told that it was confidential. For months he had tried to contact at least somebody in the government to find out more information, but he did not succeed. After a few months of getting no where, he decided to go with it and figured he would find out eventually. The only thing he did know was that every few weeks he was brought to a secret location and drilled through rigorous training exercises, check-ups, and every test he could think of. It wasn't enjoyable,but at least he was staying sharp and in shape.Whatever it was, was so confidential that he didn't even know who he would be teamed up with, if anyone, for what ever it is he was training for. He knew he was being trained with firearms and explosives though. It always made his day when he shot something or something blew up.

        Much to Tobi's disappointment, his science class once again came to a close and he began walking down the hall to his next class. His next class was Natural History and Tobi couldn't stand the class, so he took the opportunity to cleverly make it look like he was being productive, but he would be actually be napping through class til lunch.

"Another day, another doze"...

The End

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