Drëngr du Veykva

“How can so much be expected of me?!” I exclaimed. “I’ve been here for about five hours, I’m awake at what must be two in the morning, and I was just told that it’s my destiny to kill an immortal evil guy who’s trying to conquer the world! It all sounds a little bit sketchy, even for Hollywood movies! I can’t deal with this kind of bull crap right now! I CAN’T WALK! How the hell am I supposed to believe any of this?! I don’t even know if any of this is even real!”

“I can assure you that this is and always will be, completely real. You think that you’re frustrated with the occurrences that have befallen you, Adam Auric? You assume that you’ve had it rough and that life’s a flick of a finger and all problems vanish for us? Guess what, Adam Auric, that isn’t true. Life is, in fact, much more difficult for us than it is for you! You’ve been told that you’re destined to kill an evil lord, and you think that you have it rough? Well guess what, Adam. You know what I and every other breathing Gaëlean has had to undergo for the entirety of our lives? We’ve had to hide in mountains, cities, trees, sandbanks—anything possible that might conceal us from somebody who’s been trying to kill us since the day that we came to be!

“And do you understand how frustrating it is, knowing of a prophecy foretold of in the ancient times by the Skìllingr Kykvendí, and having to wait for it to occur? We’ve been waiting years, decades, some have been waiting all their lives for one single person who we all knew as the Warrior of Light to come to our aid and defeat the evil Lord Seniphos! YOU!

“But I guess that fairy tales never do come true, do they? They aren’t real, and that’s why they always and forever will end in happy endings. But life isn’t a fairy tale—there are no happy endings. Only endings in bloodshed and tears streaming down a child’s face as he watches his parents die. I must get my head out of the clouds and leap back into reality because prophecies seem to be just like fairy tales: fictitious. And it seems like every time I hope for something incredible, I end up disappointed.

“So next time you think you have it rough and think that it’s too tough to even lift a finger, think about the frustration and hate people would have for you if you didn’t, because if you keep saying that it’s much too difficult and you continually produce excuses like there’s no tomorrow, you’ll think of me… and how you not wanting to help us, has assured that we didn’t get the chance to have a tomorrow. Goodbye Adam Auric. I hope that you will enjoy your life, because now, there’ll be absolutely no possibility that I or any of my fellow Gaëleans can.” And with that, she strode quickly out of the room, leaving me, still paralyzed, sitting on the bed, motionless; speechless.

I just sat there, my mind enveloped in inquisition, contemplation and irresolution. All I could do was sit, for no noise could be produced from my throat. I was stuck there, frozen in time, like a statue on its stone pedestal. I was immobilized in my spot upon the mattress, but soon enough, I was able to recover from the anguished speech that had been directed towards me, one that had questioned my character and had forced me to teeter on the brink of insanity because it caused thoughts and inquisition of myself to come to mind.

So I sat there, unmoving, drifting in a parallel universe of post-mortem inquiry, not wanting to leave until my own questions had been answered. Was she right? Am I being selfish? Should I help the Gaëleans? The stream of questions was infinite, like a wormhole in empty space. And so there I decided to sit. No noise, nothing. Soon, he felt something rolling through his body, a bubbling sensation. It was unpleasant, for it lurched his stomach in circles and made him feel like he would soon barf. And the pain…. Adam knew what it was.

The poison was finally taking its toll…

Gwendolyn sat in her new, barren tent, sitting on her leafy mattress that had been made by the weavers that lives amongst the Nomads. She’d rested briefly, so she’d gained strength, but she could not sleep like everyone else, knowing that Adam was still with Aurelia. Confused about the awkward situation, she stepped out of the tent into the village, where the sky’s starry dome sat above her. She walked the five minute trek across the village over to the red tent where Aurelia lived. The door did not swing open as she walked towards it, but rather stood there, like a normal door would. She put her hands on the icy cold knob, and turned it, stepping into the tent.

Sitting on the mattress, rocking back and forth was Adam. She rushed over to him. “Adam! Are you okay?!” He did not reply. “Oh, in the name of the High Elves!” Gwendolyn raced out of the tent, holding Adam in her arms, using her elf speed to get into the tent where she knew that Fàethaer and Sarí slept. She unzipped the tent and opened the tent, running in and looking around. The two of them were nowhere to be found. She looked around, trying to find any trace of where they might have gone.

There was no trace of where they could have gone. She raced out of the tent, using her elf speed to run down the hundreds of lines of tents that made up the village. They could be in any of these tents! She thought angrily. She sprinted down the lines of tents in the encampments, unsure of what she could do to find the two of them. She ran as fast as she could. The soul of a hero is in my hands, and I will not let him die!

Gwendolyn ran and began to hear voices from a tent, three of them. Two were distinctly female, and one male. She burst into the barren tent and recognized Aurelia, Fàethaer and Sarí, sitting on a mattress. They stopped speaking and turned towards Gwendolyn and Adam. “He’s dying!” she exclaimed. “The poison is killing him!”

“You’ve deceived us all!” said Fàethaer. “You’re a filthy elf!”

“How about you don’t judge me based solely upon what my ancestors have done centuries ago, and deal with the problems at hand? Big deal! I am an elf, and simply because of said occurrence hundreds of years ago, when you were not alive yourself, you decide to judge me! Help him, and then judge me!”

“Why should I help you?” Fàethaer asked. Anger rising in her, Gwendolyn responded smartly.

“Unless you want to hold accountability for the death of the Drëngr du Veykva, I suggest you do so, and quickly!”

“The Drëngr… Aurelia,” said Fàethaer. She looked up, her black strands of hair waving over her violet eyes. “Tend to him please!”

“It… hurts…” murmured Adam. Gwendolyn raised a hand above his face, uttering a single, simple spell.  She felt much of her only just-acquired strength ebb away from her, weakening her almost until she fainted.

Glaùga,” she said. A blue light emanated from her palm and washed over Adam’s face, flashing light a bright bolt of lightning. She didn’t have much energy to begin with, and she knew even attempting the use of magic in her state could have easily killed her… but she thought it was worth it. Adam’s eyelids slid closed as he fell into a magic-induced slumber. He was lifted from his spot on the floor and carried away by Fàethaer and Aurelia.

Sarí stood, and looked down at Gwendolyn. “You didn’t need to do that, you know. Aurelia could have done it herself. You could have killed yourself from the physical strain.”

“I know,” said Gwendolyn. “But I couldn’t bear not to have done anything for him. I would have felt so… helpless…”

“You can never be helpless, only undetermined,” said Sarí. “Remember those words. They are wise, uttered by my father before he died.”

“I thought that Fàethaer was your father,” said Gwendolyn.

“No, he is my father’s brother,” she said. “My father was killed by Seniphos, fighting alongside Aurelia’s father. The only person I have left in my family in Fàethaer…. I should go help Aurelia. Thank you, Gwen.”

“M name is really Gwendolyn,” she said.

“I know,” replied Sarí, smiling. “And that’s alright.”

“Thank you,” said Gwendolyn. Sarí nodded with another smile, and then vanished outside, walking through the flaps of the tent, leaving Gwendolyn in her spot.

The End

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