I shifted uncomfortably in my chair. Gwen was sitting right next to me her black hair hanging over the back of the chair. She looked at the large screen while Jack and Chris argued over who would sit next to her. Jack won, so he pushed Chris away and sat next to her just as the lights dimmed and the movie started. I gazed wearily at the brightly lit screen as a scene of Manhattan opened up. Not really paying attention to the movie, I looked around the theater at all the people who were staring at Gwen and me. Gwen was truly beautiful, but there was something really wrong about her. She was like a metaphorical bumblebee: amazing, cool, interesting, beautiful, but dangerous due to its sharp stinger.

The problem was, I couldn’t find her stinger, and if I didn’t, I knew I was going to get hurt.

I watched as she brushed her hair back from her face, and realized something funny. “Your ears are pointy!” I laughed while I poked them gently.

“Wow! Even when I cover them, people still notice my fatal flaw,” she said as she pushed her black hair back over her ears to hide them. “Don’t laugh at me,” she said. I turned to the screen just as a crater opened up in the Earth. I drifted away from the screen, uninterested in the movie.


Arkanon sat in one of the tents set up in Du Stórr Eylnir in front of several open books. The writing in it was complicated, all complex magickal spells written in several different languages of Gaëlea. He sat in the middle of the tent, and then pulled a knife from his pocket, and cut a hole in the bottom of the overly large tent. The tent was the width of five elephants and the height of three. He’d been given such a large space because of his contributions to elvenkin. The hole he’d cut in the tent exposed a spot of soil, which Arkanon placed a hand on, and reading a simple spell, he began to work his magick. The earth changed under his fingers, water rising to the top until he ended the spell. He waved his hand over the water, and a picture of Adam formed on it. Next to him sat a pretty girl. She looks familiar, he thought Is she an… no she couldn’t be.


Queen Élwyn walked down the winding pathway, tress on either side of her. She followed it until the end, where there was a clearing surrounded by giant trees. A single, large tent sat in the center. Brushing her black hair behind her, she ran to it, and though it would have taken a human five minutes, it took her five seconds. She walked gracefully into the tent, and stood before Arkanon Síethdril. The spellcaster stood and bowed to her. “My Queen,” he said. The elf queen nodded to Arkanon and sat next to him. She blinked when she saw the picture that was shimmering on the surface of the clear water.

“Oh, dear,” she said. She swore in her native tongue and looked down at the water. Her earrings jingled as she shook her head. “Gwendolyn! Why is she there?”

“I don’t know, but I think she has a silver dagger concealed within her clothes. She is safe, and so is he. But I know something is going to attack them. I’m sure of it.”

The queen pointed at the water and muttered a word in the magickal language. “Amnis,” she said, and the water rose into a bubble, floating in the air towards her. She looked carefully into it. “She has her protection necklace on.”

Without looking up at the beautiful face of the elf queen, he said, “Let us just hope that it will save them from what is coming.”


I was staring blankly at the screen when it happened.

I was grabbed by the back of my shirt, and yanked backwards over my seat. I smacked onto the ground, disoriented by the attack. Then, I looked up into the hollow eye sockets of a tall man. Tufts of his hair were missing, and he appeared skeletal—like a half human, half skeleton thing. Flames coalesced into his hands as he launched them at me. I rolled to the side, feeling the heat of the flames singe me as I did so. A sudden sharp pain roared through my left calf, spreading like wildfire. I looked over my shoulder to see an arrow buried into my calf. I screamed in pain, and Gwen rose from her spot, muttering a complex phrase in another language.

I realized that there was another skeleton-guy not too far away, holding a bow and arrow in his hand, arrow strung and dripping a dark coloured liquid from the tip. I screamed in pain as the arrow was ripped from my calf by the skeleton man. Suddenly, there was an arrow buried in the human side of his body. He collapsed as Gwen shot another arrow at him, and muttered a word in the same language as before. “Hel!” she exclaimed. The skeleton burst into blue flames, and the flames rose into the air as the man exploded and vanished. She looked over at the other one just as his arrow whizzed through the air. She dodged it with lightning speed, and pointed at him, saying another word, which had no effect. “Damn it!”

No one around us seemed to notice the army of creatures that marched through the door, nor the fact that I was on the ground with a huge gash in my leg. I screamed in pain as my vision became dimmed. I kept my eyes open, watching as Gwen dodged and stabbed the skeleton with a silver dagger. When it collapsed, she said the same word, and it burst into flames. I tried to stand, but my muscle had been torn open, and I couldn’t move it. There must have been poison on the arrow! I thought. I watched as Gwen fought off the army of creatures, helpless as they threw their flames and stabbed with swords and released arrows through the air. Gwen ran from the crowd and stopped beside me. She looked at my wound and muttered a long phrase in the magickal language she’d uttered before, and my gash closed up, the poison welling up to the top and dripping down harmlessly. I stood up and looked at her. “Who the hell are you?!” I demanded.

“I’m Gwendolyn,” she said, “daughter of Queen Élwyn of the High Elves. Now before I explain more, help me kill these creatures!”

“I don’t know how!”

“They don’t like light!” she said before she sprinted back into battle. I ran towards the crowd and held my hands out, palms forward.

What was that word?! Vekna… Veyla… I thought. She fought through the creatures, but I could tell that she was tiring. They began landing hits on her, and one shot and arrow at me, which struck me in the leg. I screamed in pain as another one sank into my arm, and another into my shoulder. Fire exploded around me in a flurry, burning my skin until I smelled my own demise. Veykva! I thought triumphantly. I stood in front of the crowd of walking dead and yelled the word. “Veykva!” I exclaimed. A bright light, one-hundred times brighter than a camera flash exploded from my fingertips, blinding the creatures. As pain tore relentlessly throughout my body, I muttered another word in the language. “Hel!” I said. All of the skeletal creatures erupted into blue flames exploded, crackling and vanishing one by one.

Spots darkened my vision, and I fell into a painful state where I couldn’t move. I wasn’t sleeping, yet wasn’t quite awake. I lay there until I could no longer see, only hear the crackling of the skeletal creatures as they burned and smell my own burning flesh as the pain of three poisoned arrows and several burns exploded through my body.


The End

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