A Strange Encounter

Arkanon watched attentively and quietly as Adam walked right by him, then went down the stairs. He stepped out of the shadows and followed him down the stairs. He knew that no one else could see him except for Adam, so he stayed a while behind the boy, watching without intervening. He walked slowly down the stairs, keeping away from Adam in any way so that he wouldn’t be sensed. Adam reached the bottom of the stairs, and stepped through the doorway, then walked down the hall. Arkanon followed him and fell into step behind him again. As he walked past the students, he laughed at the fact that they couldn’t see him. He’d woven an invisible spell around himself before he’d gone to find Adam.

He followed carefully as Adam walked into his classroom, and then he used his powers. He jumped onto the wall and became a shadow, sliding across the wall, moving into a position where he could see Adam. Adam’s power had not yet been unlocked, not yet awakened from his inner depths. It was locked under several barriers that had been set up by someone quite powerful. It was his mission to do that… and he would follow through with it. As he waited patiently on the wall, he sensed something else, something greater. Something was coming… and it was on its way! I need to do this now!

Arkanon moved away from the shadows, and slid onto the ground. Then, from the doorway, he pointed at the teacher, and mumbled the Words of Commandment. Just as Adam looked down to his book, his teacher’s body was surrounded with a bright aura that flickered and flashed, then settled. Arkanon spoke through the teacher. “Adam?”

“Yeah?” he looked up from his page.

“The principal wanted to see you in his office,” Arkanon said.

“Oh, great,” he said, rising from his chair. Arkanon retreated into the shadows against the wall and slid over to the principal’s office, which he knew was empty. When Adam got there, Arkanon went into the room and awaited the knock. When it came, he manifested himself into visible form. Another knock came, “Uh, Mr. Davies? Hello?” The door opened, and Adam walked in. Arkanon turned in the swivel chair he was sitting in, and Adam jumped in shock. “Um, where’s Mr. Davies?”

“He’s not in, Adam Auric.”

“Okay, who are you and how do you know my name?”

“My name is irrelevant, though yours is quite… significant in the situation,” said Arkanon. “But, if you must know, I am Arkanon.”

“That’s an odd name.”

“So is Auric,” replied Arkanon. “You do not know the history of your family name.”

“Okay, I have no idea who you are, and because you aren’t a teacher, I can leave,” Adam turned towards the open door, and Arkanon waved his hand. The door slammed shut. Adam turned around and looked straight at Arkanon. “Who the hell are you?! And how the hell did you just do that?!”

“Adam, I am only here to help you,” Arkanon said. He lifted both hands into the air, and they glowed blue and violet as if he were wearing shimmering gloves of pure energy. Trails of light stalked his fingers as he twirled designs into the air and compacted them into a sphere of shining luminosity. It exploded in his hands and washed over them as he spoke. “Adam, I am here to awaken your powers. Did you see what I just did? You can do the same thing, but much more! Necromancy and conjuring and summoning creatures from myth… you can do it all!”

Adam backed away from Arkanon, fear on his face. “I don’t know what asylum you slipped out of, but I think you should slow down and take your pills buddy, because you’re saying sounds like Greek mythology, magical bull crap!”

“All I need to do to awaken your powers in touch your chest with my hand, and use my powers,” Arkanon said calmly.

“You’re a pedophile! I swear if you touch me you pervert so help me God I’ll…”

“You’ll what? I’m not a pedophile, and I’m not crazy, Adam.” Arkanon immobilized Adam in place and walked towards him. He reached a hand out touched his chest, and Adam turned to the door and touched the knob. Golden shockwaves of light rippled across the surface, and the door shot open. Adam booked it out of the room.

My powers are negated by his, thought Arkanon. But it is done. His powers have been awoken.


I ran down the hall, my body thrumming with life. I was spurred by fear as I ran through the school hallway. Who the hell was that guy?! And how the hell did he do that freaky magic sphere thing?! I dodged around the corner and walked slowly back into my classroom.

“And where were you, Adam?” asked Mrs. Bradley, my calculus teacher.

“You told me that the principal wanted to see me, but he wasn’t in his office,” I said, confused.

“I never told you to go to the office, Adam,” she said.

Damn it! That Arkanon dude must have done something to her! “I apologize, Mrs. Bradley, please, continue with your lesson.”

She began talking about things that I had already read about in grade six, like the Quadratic Formula and the Pythagorean Thorium, and my eyes wandered to the thick volume lying open in front of me. This book is useless to me! I already know everything in it! I sat in my chair wondering about what Arkanon had said. Even though he was some freak pedophile or something he’d exhibited some strange… abilities that seemed to nag at the skepticism implanted in my brain. He’d created some kind of… magical sphere out of thin air. Adam, your brain just must be playing tricks on you, he thought. Magic doesn’t exist. Magic cannot exist. Just forget it ever happened.

I looked over at the open door, and swore I saw the indistinct figure of the strange man, Arkanon, looming in the doorway. I looked back at the slow moving hands on the clock and waited for the bell that granted me my freedom to ring, sending ripples of happiness mixed with newly ringing cellphones and the blips of text messages across the school. The seconds dragged by slower and slower until I almost thought that time had stopped completely. I sat there waiting until the bell rang and I felt my soul ripple with happiness. I stood up, but no one else was moving. They all stared at me like I was ditching class or something. “Um, Mr. Auric is there a problem?” asked Ms. Bradley.

“No,” I said. “The bell rang.”

“No it didn’t,” she replied, and just as she did, the bell rang, and everyone stood and began filing out through the door in a thick crowd. What the hell? I turned and walked out the door along with everyone else, pondering how I had heard the bell before everyone else. Our school scarcely ended at the same time, and yet he’d somehow… heard the bell before it had rung. I soon found myself at the school doors, and I walked through them and got onto my bus. All the girls on the bus stared at me, and tried to sit next to me, but I ignored them. My friend Jack finally got onto the bus, and I called him over so he could sit on the outside, a shield created to block the girls from touching me and nudging me.

I sat and looked at the landscape as it flew past me, a blur set into the earth behind two plates of glass. Bored, I began fiddling with my hands, clicking my fingers together. I cupped my hands and looked down. Suddenly, a bright blue flamed sparked to existence in my palms. I shook my hands, trying to douse the flames, feeling the heat in my hands, but realizing that it didn’t truly burn. The flame winked out quickly, and I looked around to make sure no one had seen the pyro-spectacle. I sat in silence for the ten minutes home, and then quietly got off the bus, not hearing any of the conversation that Jack had been trying to have with me.

I opened my front door with my key and walked up into my room. When I sat on my bed, I lied down and closed my eyes. A voice that could not have been my own intruded in my thoughts. I want you to try something and I’ll leave you alone, the voice said.

“What the hell?! Get out of my head!” I demanded to Arkanon as he grazed over my mind.

Then do something for me, he said. Two things, actually.

“Then will you leave me alone?”


“Okay,” I said angrily. “What?”

I want you to say something, said Arkanon.

“That’s it?”

That’s it.

“What do I need to say?” I asked willingly.

Breïnir, he said.


Breïnir! Say the word and I’ll leave you alone!


Breïnir. You need to hold the ‘i’. Brain-ear.

“Okay,” I said. “Breïnir.”

No, no, no. Say it with feeling!

“Well maybe if I knew what it meant!” I exclaimed.

It means ‘fire’, replied Arkanon crossly.

“In what language?” I asked skeptically.

That isn’t important! Do you want me to pick at your thoughts and memories?

“NO! Those are private!”

Then do as I say! Arkanon said. Breïnir. Picture a small flame as you say it. Breïnir.

“Okay, small flame, hold the ‘i’, Breïnir. Alright, let me try.” I cleared my mind of all thoughts and pictured a small, dancing flame lighting up the blackness that covered my mind. “Breïnir,” I whispered in perfect tongue. A flame sparked to life hovering above my palms and twirling blue streaks of fire around it. “I did it!” I exclaimed. But Arkanon was already gone. There was a book next to Adam, lying on his bed. He looked at the thick almanac and flipped it open. Just as he touched the blank page, black ink seeped up from the pages, forming words much like the odd language he’d just uttered to create the fire. There was a note attached to the book by a sticky note.


Don’t utter more than one word when creating it, for you are not yet powerful enough to do so without killing yourself. You’ll drain all you power doing that. Stick to the simple stuff.


“What the hell is this?!” I opened up the book and flipped through the old pages. It looked like it had been some ancient tome found in the tomb of an mysterious pharaoh in ancient Egyptian times. It was covered in a thick layer of dust, and the pages were thin like papyrus; almost yellow in the dim lighting of his room. He touched the soft, thin paper and ran his long fingers over the writing. It had someone’s notes written in the margins, but the whole book was written in the same odd language that he’d been urged to utter when he’d created fire out of thin air and then doused the flame. He stared at the enigma that lied within his grasp, pondering on the ancient and unreadable language that it withheld. The leather-bound almanac was a puzzle to be solved and pieced together, but not by me. I don’t even know how to read the damn crap!

As I sauntered over to the other side of my room, I dropped the ancient book in the garbage can, throwing away all its secrets and its ancient language along with it. After I trashed the inscrutable book of mystery, I ran down the stairs and pulled out my cellphone. Just as I did, it rang loudly, and I answered it. “Hey, its Adam,” I said.

“What’s going on Adam?” asked a familiar voice.

“Oh, hey Jack! Not much, you?”

“Well, I was kind of worried about you,” he said. “On the bus you were really quiet.”

“Yeah, sorry about that, I was just… in thought,” I replied.

“How about you come to a movie with me and Chris today?”

“What are we going to see?”

“Some new horror movie that Chris wants to see called The Hellhole. It’s about zombies and that kind of stuff. You in?”

“Why not?”

“We’ll pick you up at ten,” said Jack.

I closed my cellphone and ran up to my room and sat at my laptop desk, writing a reminder about the movie. I glanced sideways at the thick book that lay in the garbage can. My conscience told me to leave it alone, but my skepticism said to analyze it and look for flaws. I took it out, blew off the thick layers of dust that lied on it. Then, I set it on my desk and flipped to one of the pages and looked at one of the words.

The End

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