Chronicles of Gaëlea

My friend Cypher started this with me at school, and I wanted to change it up a bit. He used to be on Protagonize...
Adam Auric has a great life... until he goes to school one day and meets a peculiar man with... 'talents' that stretch beyond human capability. In that one day, everything changes, and he is introduced to a whole new world...

Mr. D strolled across the front of the class, deep in his lecture about ancient Greek history. I sat back in my chair, and watched him, trying to give the impression that I actually cared about what he was saying. The truth that was no real secret, was that I didn’t. Who in the right mind would believe in divine beings with powers over elements, who hold domain over parts of the world and who could use what’s modernly known as ‘magic’. When will this be useful to me?

I tried listening, but the logical part of my brain was screaming and laughing, and the large sarcastic part itched to say something to him. I raised my hand, and his eyes swept over to me. “A question, Mr. Auric?”

“Yes, may I please go to the bathroom?”

“Do you need to go?”

No, I’m asking you just for the hell of it! What do you think Sherlock?  “Yes,” I said politely.

“Fine, go. But you’re going to have to do a project on this.”

Now I know when I’ll need this! After he’s driven me into a mental asylum, I’ll discuss Greek magic with them! I rose from my chair and walked out of the class with every girl staring after me. Why every girl in the school is in love with me, I don’t know, but I’m good with that! I walked down the hallway and turned down another, and then found the fountain. I took a drink, and turned to see three kids from the football team standing there. “Hey Rob, Jeremy, Ian,” I couldn’t help but to spit his name. He was the worst bully we had in the school, and I couldn’t stand him. I tried to walk by him, but he moved into my way. “Okay, uh, Ian. Save it for the football games.”

“What’d you say punk?”

“I said to save it for the football game. I wasn’t even sarcastic that time!” I said.

“Are you calling me dumb?”

“Okay, Ian, I don’t need to call you names. You already know that you’re an idiotic, two faced, no brained, cowardous, crap-eating, lowlife, bottom feeder. You don’t need me to call you that. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.”

“I’m gonna make your heart stop!” He was about to charge at me when I ducked under his arm and turned to face him.

“Wow, good comeback. I like that. It was quite… your type.”


“Do you have a lawyer?”


“I was wondering if you’d ever considered suing your brain for non-support.”

“Why you—”

“Why you what? You can’t call me many things, but I can think of a hell of a lot to call you, Ian.”

Ian charged at me, and just as he did, the world around me—including him—flickered and warped, and everything moved in super slow motion. For it split second it was there, and the next, Ian was ramming me into a wall. I was helpless as he knocked the wind out of me. I stumbled to the side as he threw a punch to where I was a second ago—the wall. I heard something crack loudly, and I knew that it had to be his knuckles. He screamed in agony, and I bolted down the hallway, only to find that my way was blocked. Rob and Jeremy were standing there, right in front of me. I tried to get past them, but they were like a moving stone wall. I turned to face the injured football player. The air around him warped again, and as quick as lightning, he was a wolf, and then not. I shook my head in disbelief, and blinked a couple times.

Ian looked up from his broken fingers… and charged again! But this time, I felt a powerful grip on my shoulders, forcing me forwards. My mind once again slowed the moment down drastically as he moved in slow motion toward me. I realized I was seeing it slower than it was, and so I could react. I twisted out of Rob and Jeremy’s iron grip and ran in slow motion away from them. It was like everyone was moving through molasses, and that included me as well. When I was a safe distance away, it was like the molasses evaporated from the room, and everything went back into normal speed. Ian crashed into his two football goons, and I barreled back down the hall to my classroom.

I sprinted into the classroom, and Mr. D started at the sight of me. “And Mr. Auric, why are you running in the halls?!”

“I was excited to learn more about Greek mythology,” I lied.

“Oh really?”

“Yes,” I lied again. “That’s me, Adam Auric, I’m just a natural bookworm.”

“Alright,” he said. “Well if you’re such a bookworm, you’re going to be choosing two Greek gods and you’ll be doing a project on both.”

I gasped in anger, and right before I responded in sarcasm, I closed my mouth. “What are my choices?”

“They’re up on the board,” he said.

I wrote down two of the names I saw on there: Hecate and Perses. They sounded better than Zeus or Theia and that kind of crap. The bell rang, and everyone stood up. Just as I was making my way through the room, Mr. D stopped me. “Which gods did you choose for your project?”

“Uh… one called Hecate and another named Perses,” I said.

“That’s Perses… pronounced purse-ease. Hecate is pronounced heck-a-tee. And those are two very interesting subjects you picked.”


“Perses fathered Hecate,” said Mr. D. “Goddess of magic and god of destruction.”

“Cool,” I lied. Then, I spun on my heels and bolted out the door before my History teacher could say anything to me. When I got out the door, I found Rob, Jeremy and Ian waiting for me. Ian’s hand looked disgusting; bruised, blistered knuckles that bled, and contorted fingers. I shivered at the gruesome sight as they advanced on me. Then, I had a genius idea. “Whoa! Your hand looks broken! That’s nasty! You should really see a nurse!”

“You little bas—”

Mr. D walked out of his class behind me. “I heard something about a broken hand? Oh! Ian! Go see the nurse immediately!” Mr. D guided Ian down the hall, ushering his friends along with him. I laughed as I turned away and walked the other way. Suddenly, I had the odd feeling that someone or something was watching me. I looked around solemnly, checking to see if there was anyone watching me. I scanned the hallway, and saw nothing. I decided to keep walking, past the bathrooms and down the stairs. Just as I walked down the stairs, I thought I felt something cold breeze by me, and something shift in the shadows next to me…


The End

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