Ureldur Swift: The Key

"Where do you thing YOUR going!" shouted Lynn, my wife.

"On an adventure!" I replied enthusiastically

"But what about us?"

"Don't worry, look let me explain it to you. I used to know this wizard, we were the best of friends, and he had this humongous treasury. But he has died very recently and well, he told me before he died that i was allowed some of it. So, the reason i want to go is. I found half of a map, and i KNOW what it is, because ive seen it before. I was there when the old man himself was making it. He never actually told me where this treasury was, which makes me glad ive found this... half map. Its obvious that he gave the other half to someone else, but who? Maybe ill find out, theres too much money involved for one to just ignore it"

"Your just going for money?"

"Not just 'money', lots of money, more than you could ever imagine. And also, even if im getting just a mere percentage of what he owned, that amount of money could make us the richest elves in all of Drachaven"

She could see how much i wanted this, she had that fed up look but knew that she wouldnt be able to stop me.

"Just be careful" she whispered

"Your saying that to me?" i replied, shocked "I am the greatest fighter there is, to my knowledge"

I kissed my wife farewell, and my son was already tucked away in bed, and made my way towards the wizards fortress.

Then i bumped into an old friend of mine...

The End

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