Chronicles of Drachaven

The magical journey through Drachaven

Dewin gasped in horror. He drew his old wand from his robe and advanced to his chest. The mahogany antique glew the most amazing gold as magic tried to escape its wooden prison

"Deroga" he whispered almost hysterically as his charm opened the chest causing a mighty wind to erupt and blast the aging man into his armchair. He adjusted himself and shuffled over to the chest again. Floating in the open lid was a map...the map! The most magical map in all of Drachaven. Passed down from generation to generation this map was as wise as it was old. It showed were the ancient wizard gold was hidden.

This map was incomplete however and only showed half. But it was said the map would glow heavenly magic if the missing part was discovered. The ancient legend was true

"My word!" the wizard gasped clutching the magical map. The magic and power travelled through his being, charming every tiny part of his soul.

It was then that Dewin looked in the mirror and saw himself...only forty years younger. The map had given him the youth to retrieve its gold but he was not alone

A few miles away, a simple elf by the name of Ureldur Swift held a key to a better future for his family. A future they deserved.

The End

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