Chapter II-IIMature

The group walked in silence, following Malkav's instinct. Altough elves were already magical beings, the orelirs lived on an island that radiated arcane power. It was the reason they had such otherworldly features and matching minds.

The elf led them through a maze of corridors and side rooms until they reached the first spot. The vanir tried opening the door, but it was locked...

"Let me take care of it." Walker proposed.

Both of his teammates stepped back and the rogue operated his magic, lockpicking was child's play for him. The lock surrendered after only a few seconds. If someone would have witnessed him, they would have thought he had the key.

"Done." The assasin declared, slightly cocky and sporting a grin under his cowl.

He took his crossbow back and pointed the tip out the door as he slowly opened it.

Unlike the rest of the crypt which had been built with masonry, this part was made of natural stone, a gentle slope went down roughly a yard. After five or six yard, the cavern opened into a large oval shaped room. A cool breeze passed through it.

"At least we can breathe here..." The priest commented in a hushed tone.

"I see it! The shiny thing to end all shiny things!" The elf commented as he saw something glimmering in the distance.

Not waiting for his companions, he slid down a small elevation and went for the thing he had spotted.

"Wait, Elf!" Morden commanded rushing after him.

Walker was the only one remaining back at the entrance, crossbow in hand, he examinated the room around them. Altough this was a natural cavern, a ruined desk with a chair laid on the ground in one corner while another held a bookshelf. The whole room was covered with thick spider webs...

The assasin looked up at the ceiling just in time to see it, a buffalo sized spider leaping down from the cavern's roof. Knowing spiders well due to the use of their poison, he recognised it as a Wolf-spider.

"Malk, Morden, Run!" He screamed as he shot his first bolt at the gargantuesque arachnid.

The End

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