Chapter II-I Catacombs.Mature

The tomb's door opened before the trio of adventurers. Inside, the air was thick with dust but still breathable. There were probably chimney to bring in air somewhere in the underground complex the group reasoned.

The Elf and the two humans had prepared themselves for battle, the nightwalker was back to his usual cowl and capes, the elf had put on a leather plastron while the priest was safely protected with a chainmail Vest upon which his tabard rested. The party's face had been painted, using blessed water and herbs to create protection sigils that looked like blue warpaint.

At the front, Morden advanced into the darkness, holding his shield in one hand and a Khopesh in the other. The old weapon had not been seen on battle fields for ages but it still remained a sacred weapon to the priests of fate.

As they moved forward into the darkness, with the elf holding the lantern, while Walker hold his regualr crossbow. A club hung from his belt next to his daggers. The presence of the priest annoyed the assasin severely. He could use any magical spell or fear being snitched to the inquisition at the first occasion.

After a minute of walking, they finally reached a large subterean hall. Massive columns held the ceiling in place as the room split into many direction and many more doors. However, in the distance, they could see just a faint glimmer.

They crept silently toward the light, at the back of the hall was a massive metal door that shone with a thin layer of purple energy flowing through it.

"A barrier spell..." Muttered the assasin.

The priest raised a brow at him in surprise but he didn't comment on the rogue's knowledge of magic.

"I've had to deal with them before." Walker justified himself. Which was technically true.

"If I remember correctly, you need an outside focus for this type of wall. It's a physical and planar barrier, meaning he would need someplace else to draw energy from since he cut himself off from the outside on all level."

Altough he could have tried dispelling the thing, doing so would have most likely resulted in his ass being dragged to court for summary execution if he was lucky.

"Let's search around. It must be somewhere close." The priest proposed.

"Foul stench of dark power all around. Easy to find sources but hard to differentiate them. A needle in a stack of needles." The elf claimed.

The two compagnion of Malkav looked at each other and shrugged. "You lead the group then, Ear." The Rogue added.

The End

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