Chapter I-VIMature

A hand shook the meditating elf. It took a moment for his vision to return to normal as he left the mist of the past.

It was now daylight, Walker stood beside him and shook him awake.

"You're alright man?" He asked, sounding somewhat concerned. "You looked distressed..."

"Like the spider that clings to your being, shadows clings to my past." The vanir responded regaining his calm demeanor.

The human nodded at that cryptic revelation. "I've got what we'll need for the job. Are you ready to go?"

The elf responded affirmatively and got up to his feet, grabbing his weapons and gears. The town wasn't very far but the two men had freed the horse before going into town. They couldn't pay for stables and the horse were branded as belonging to the guard of Salabar...

They travelled a long dirt road that made a serpentine path around the fields and hills of the region. They walked past many farms on their way until the road proper stopped, going strait toward the hills.

To the distance, they could see the geography that enclosed this strench of the land. A thick forest of pine barred the way north, to the south, was the blackmarsh of Kepot. Finally to the west were the hills that eventually gave their palce to small mountains.

Stone stairs led the way up the cliff facade where the Avren familial tomb rested. It was night and the two adventurers could see the light of a fire on the ledge of the cliff where the entrance to the tomb was located.

Drawing their weapon and moving in silence, the two men climbed the stairs slowly until they saw a man. His back facing the newcommers, the man greeted them.

"Evening." He said in a relaxed manner. "I was expecting you."

"Who are you?" Walker asked.

He turned around and the two of them saw his traits. He was a mature man that wore his brown hair at the ear level and cultivated a goatee of the same color. From his neck, a pendant hanged, it was a silver representation of a spinning wheel, Symbol of Verila, godess of Fate.

"My name is Morden J'moreth. Priest of the lady of fate."

He gazed at the adventurers and for a second his eyes met the elf's. Just as the gaze was about to begin, his eyes wandered off. "Nice try elf." He said with a smile.

"What are you doing here?" The rogue asked, still pointing a crossbow at the man.

"My godess has sent me on a mission. I was to wait here until reinforcement arived. There you are. There is something in this tomb my lady requires me to find."

"You want to accompagny us?" Walker asked, suspicious of the man's identity.

"Yes. You may keep what ever you want. I am here for the godess' quarry and nothing else. Is that okay with you?"

The human rogue and the elven warrior traded a glance and the latter shrugged. "Fine but I'll be watching you."Walker warned him.

"An acceptable term." the priest conceded. "But it's late. Why don't you join me?" He asked, waving at the campfire, the deer roasting upon it and the tea kettle resting next to it.

Reluctantly, the travellers agreed. They needed sleep before they began the job. Walker however insisted on taking the first watch and asked Malkav to do the second.

The End

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