Chapter I-VMature

Malkav dreamed of her. Sitting atop a rock right outside of town. His eyes were distant to the real world, plunged into the trance. He was cut off from the world and back within himself.

She had been his best friend and evensomething more as they grew togueter and hit puberty. He saw himself grow up alongside her, playing in the enchanted land of Ushas. They passed a century togueter as friends and then as lovers.

Lost in his memories, he made love to her Like it was the first time all over again, under the pale moonlight and safely hidden by the house sized flowers of the forest. Altough the land was dangerous and deceitful, the mad elves had a connection to it and it's inhabitant.
Never had a wild beast harmed one of them without provocation.

Despite having over a century of experience, he had never chosen what he wanted in life. Elenorae was quite the contrary. She wished to be an artist. Ever since he birth she had seen things no one else had, wonderous things that she wished to share with the world.

However his visions slowly moved away from the happiest days of his life to the darker parts of his memories...


He was standing there, his hunting dagger still in hand,

There was blood on it...

...Blood on his knife...

...Blood on his hands.

At his feet, Elenorae twisted around despite a gapping wound in her chest. She whirled into disgusted angles as she quickly bled to death.

What marked the young elf was her laugh... She was cackling like a madman despite the mortal injury.

How did that happen?

What happened to Elenorae?

What did I just do?

Those were the questions that plagued the teenager's mind as the girl he loved died on the floor. He didn't know what had happened. She had just jumped him and attacked him. The Elenorae he knew was sweet, she refused to eat animals just as to hurt nothing...

What had changed her? He feel on his knees and wailed his torment, the sound filling the forest for an eternity until one of the adults had found them...

The End

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