Chapter I-IIMature

After three days of travel, both men reached the small village of Jvoskar. Of all imperial controlled vilalge on the continent, this one was the hardest to reach. It was beyond a thick strech of marsh controlled by territorial amphibian humanoids. It was also hard to reach by waterways as next to the coast, were the summerset isles and their dangerous reefs.

The result gave a small hamlet that had been left in the control of the natives instead of being susplanted by an imperial governor. The Vornskar family possesed most of the land since old times when their anscestors had left a northern continent called Vorjskan and settled on the temperate lands of Centros.

The travellers rented a room at an inn and bought dinner with the few remaining silver pieces they had.

"We're covered for the night." The assasin said."We'll have to find a job until things have cooled down."

He had discarted his assasin suit in favor of a more inconspicuous leather breastplate. The elf could finally see his traits. He was smaller than him, just a hair over six. His raven hair was left to flow below the ears and his blue eyes sparkled with curiosity and paranoiac prudence.

"Agreed. Not a hard thing. The village smell of corruption and worries..." Malkav aknowledged

Having spend a few days with the madman, Walker was getting used to his excentricity and his bizare yet accurate leap in logic. He knew enough about vanirs to know he was not a simple high elf but another sub race of the vanirs.

THe assasin downed his beer and headed for a bulletin board that had been posted there. He looked at a few wanted posters until he found one that interested him.

       "Wanted Dead:

Ysric Klatev - Necromancer
Dangerous spell caster,
holed up inside the Avren ancestral tomb.
See Sir Molaree Avren for details."

"Good..." he whispered to himself. It would be two bird one stone. Money and the occasion to grab new spells from the man's book.

The End

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