Chapter I-I: The GatheringMature

The two fugitives had made it out safely of the city and into the wilds. The whole Prison fiasco had been organised to trap the Nightwalker. The man who were pursuing him were mercenaries hired to take him out.

"Are you alright?" The assasin asked seeing the elf's uncertainty as they rode on horses he had stolen.

"These fiendish beasts are unruly!" The Vanir said.

"It's your first time riding?"

"Non-sense. I have ridden plenty of hares as a child."

The human just glared at the elf wondering if he was insane or rather more insane than he thought. Ofcourse he had never heard of the mutant fauna of Ushas, where bunnies mesured around four feet...

"So you've got a name purple?"

"I am designated as Malkav. No last name is provided. Last names are cubbersome."

"Alright... I'm the Nightwalker. But since we're in hiding, call me Tom Walker. Since you're going to be following me, you have to know we're heading for Jvoskar, it's a hole of a village but perfect to disappear. "

Disappearing was their priority. They had already fought hlaf a dozen hounds and a dozen of mercenaries to escape the wretched port city. The travellers used what little money they had to buy provisions. Walker hadn't carried any money with him on his assignment since the coins would have made too much noise. It had been a safe bet to assume his safehouse had been compromised.

Most of the ride went on in silence as the purple elf examined the surrounding, seeming almost enchanted by the brown and grayish colors of the mundane farmlands. On the second day of travel, the Vanir asked his compagnion.

"Who is the spider that you carry the token of?"

"Someone I have to find." The rogue answered looking distant and pained.

"Someone who's blade spilled blood you loved?" Malkav said, halfway between a statement and a question.


"Your Bani'et?"

Walker knew only a tiny part of elven as used for speaking. He had only learned old elven in his studies of the magical arts. However, he knew that word. Parents...

He didn't answer and instead made his horse trot away, leaving several yards between the two of them.

The End

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