Prelude part V: The world beyondMature

The woman walked quickly through the palace. Away from mortal's sight, the gods had erected their domain on the planets around Anor mundus.

Keseta was a glacial planet on the surface, devoid of all life. Under the ice cap, things were different. The many gods of the pantheon of Order created castles of crystal, ice and precious stones and wood.

"You are late Verilla" Called a man's voice. "You think the godess of Fate would have better timing"

The godess turned to face her nephew, Yorl god of warfare, he was dressed in a set of field plate devoid of ornaments. His short brown hair and tailored goatee made him look friendly and young. Disregarding his mockery she declared "I was in a trance I could not interupt. It concerns the situation at hand."

Yorl nodded and smiled. Of all the gods of Order, he was probably the least stuck up. Altough he ruled with an Iron fist when in battle, out of it, he enjoyed life, drinking, women, grizzly tales and all those things. His aunt and her husband had always been

"Come on in." Came the strong powerful voice of Ordos, father of the gods.

Both minor gods entered their genitor's domain, a cathedral of diamond and mithril, and bowed strongly before the chief of their pantheon. Even Yorl remained serious and extremely polite in the master's presence. Both took a seat next to the other gods of their family.

Ordos was a colosus of a man, standing at nine feet in his godly form, drapped in a star filled black toga than shone softly in the dimly lit Citadel.

"There is a disturbance comming." Verila began. "I am afraid My husband's predictions were true."

"Who could be the cause of it?" Rowan, god of honor asked.

"We do not know--" Verila began as she turned to the angelic good in shining white platemail.

"It must be the Chaos Gods." Merik claimed. "I wish to begin an investigation All-father."

"I will think about it." Ordos said.

"If you would let me finish, The comming storm was not the only thing I saw in my visions. I believe another force is at work here."

"What would that be?" Rowan asked.

"I cannot say for sure... All I know are these words. "He awakens." "

"He? One of the Demon lords?" Yorl asked.

"It could be... But I cannot confirm it yet. What I can confirm is that I believe I have found one of the origin point of the disturbance."

"Good. I shall send my retainers to investigate." Merik claimed.

"Nothing has yet to happen Merik." The chief god claimed. "You cannot act upon predictions and you know it."

The god of justice grumbled. Ordos was right, he would harm himself if he broke his creed...

"Let me take care of it" Verila demanded.

"I let this matter into your hand my daughter. Do not disapoint me."

With that, he ajourned the meeting and all nine deities went their separate way. Once home, she went to her meditation chamber, a circular room who's roof showed the movements of the stars and those of mankind...


In his home of Orosus, the priest called Morden slept in traquility. All of a sudden, he woke up to see his godess next to him. Standing on the far side of the room.

"My lady!" He exclaimed, setting a knee onto the floor. "It is an honor to see you."

"I need your help priest. Something is happened yet I cannot send my strongest agents without gathering suspicion from the gods of Chaos."

"Your desire are orders milady, your word is law." The man answered.

"Thank you Morden. As alway, your service shall be rewarded."

She posed her hands on the man's temple and his eyes went blank as he was assaulted by visions from his godess.

The priest woke up once again. For real this time. His godess had given him a mission and he was going to acomplish it. He grabbed what little he needed and left at dawn, venturing forward into the wilds.

The End

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