Prelude IV: Fateful EncounterMature

Malkav walked the streets of Salabar alone in silence. So far, the city had proven disinteresting... He considered checking in at an Inn but he didn't have much money, the few coinds he had, had been won at gambling on the ship. The Orelirs didn't have an economic system on their island. People just took what they needed from the wilds or traded it with one another.

He was about to enter a taven called "The dragon's hearth" when in the distance he heard the howling of a pack of dogs. Nobody on the streets but him could hear it since his senses were sharper than the common man's.

Following his ears and instinct, he ran for the source of the collusion. Comming down from atop the hill on top of which stood the guardpost and stockades was a man clad in black, half a dozen large mastiff hounds on his tail.

Using miniature crossbows, he shot one in the throat but missed the second entirely. Right then, one of the dog pounced at him, sending him rolling down the hill with the hounds fiercely bitting him.

The Vanir didn't hesitate before going at the man's help. Stepping from the shadows, he impaled one of the hound upon his massive sword. Blood dripped down the ironwood blade and onto the ground.

"Come puppies! Let the road be showered with your blood. The grey stone requires lively colours. Red is good." The elf spoke.

The three remaining dogs faced him and began making circles around him. Waiting for an opportunity to attack. After a moment that streched into an eternity, one of them lept at the Elf's throat only to be met with the tip of the five feet long blade.

Using the distraction, the two other dog charged, one of them bitting the ankle the other going for the sword arm. They had been well trained and were quite intelligent.

Nearby, the Walker had been struggling getting the opponent off him. The dog had gotten on top of him and was bitting his arm which was luckily protected by the protective doubling of his suit from the worse of the damage. Regardless, it still bled.

Not able to reach the mastiff, he opted to help whoever had helped him. Recharging his pocket sized cross bow with one hand was hard but he still managed it. His bolt flew throught the air, missing the elf by a hair and sticking right in the dog's throat, freeing the elf's arm.

His Bastard sword unsuable in this proximity and while on the floor, Malkav opted for the simplest solution... His hands. Despite his slim elven build, he packed a lot of strenght. His arms wrapped around the dogs head and he pushes the head sideway with all his strenght until a loud crack was heard and the hound went limp.

He grabbed his sword and beheaded the last of the dogs, sending it's head rolling into an empty market stall.

"Thank you... Eh..." The assasin spoke, the man facing him had a dark purple skin, making it imposible to see his traits in the darkness of the winter night.

"The Canine deserved retribution. Their kind is tainted by sin. Too much rabbit they hunted on my land."

The Walker stared right into the madman's eyes, unknowingly beggining the soul gaze of the Orelirs. He felt like someone was probing his body for a second until the elf declared.

"Ah. A man tainted by scarlet blood on his hands. A spider from the past clings to you. It hurt you as a little one. The path of shadows you chose for vengeance... Very interesting."He noted

The assasin blinked ferociously at the Orelir's comment. He had never seen the guy before and has only confessed his reason for his choice of path to a single person... The woman he had loved but left behind.

"How... How do you know?"

"Blessed my kind is. Orel-ir The blessed kind. Your soul, as I clear as day I can see it."

Men barked orders in the distance.

"I better go." The Human said.

He ran for it and then noticed the elf following him.

"What are you doing?" He asked mid-jog

"I said it. Interesting. I like interesting things like you."

The End

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