Prelude part III: Nocturnal ProblemsMature

At the sound of the prisoner's yelling, guards stormed down the stairs and four platemail clad men wielding swords barred the only way out. "Damn it..." he swore in a whisper. He might had been an assasin, but the nightwalker never killed lawmen, they were men doing an honorable job to keep the city streets safe.

"Fethis Kephal" He muttered, using the last spell he had prepared for the night. He stashed his hands under his cloack just as a pair of fine blackened elven daggers appeared in his hand out of thin air.

The guards surrounded the intruder, ordering him to drop his weapons. The walker however knew this wasn't an option. Even if getting out of jail would prove a trivial effort, he was a profligate, a rogue magi as the inquisition called them.

Seeing he was not obeying, the first guard charged for him, trying to run him through with his sword. These were well trained men, but their armor were too encumbering to fight the assasin properly.

The walker tripped the fighter using his right foot and then spinned around, stabbing the downed man right in the leg in his artery.Just as he did, a pair of swords whirled around, barely missing his head as he went on with his movement.

He gave them a victorious and somewhat sadistic smile. "One down. Three to go." He said with faked glee.

The remaining soldiers shared a glance at each other. Using that moment of distraction, he threw both daggers at the soldiers, aiming right for the unarmored part of the shoulder. The guard's uniform was composed of a chest plate and a quilted under armor guarment which could stop arrows but not Walker's magical blades.

The two wounded men let go of their weapons, making a loud metalic sound as they hit the stone floor. Before the last man could react, the Walker charged, using a parrying dagger to rip off the weapon from the last man's grip.

He then kicked the soldier in the leg then when he fell down, he smashed his foot right up his face. The last two remaining guards tried meekly to opose him, holding daggers in their off hand.

Altough he had been right handed, as he trained to become an assasin, he had trained using his left hand too so it had gained the same dexterity as his regular hand. With great nimbleness and agility, he parried the feeble attacks against him and knocked the men down with his legs and beat them until they would lose consciousness.

Before he left, the assasin kneeled at the first man's side. He was bleeding profusely and would die very soon from bloodloss. Using his hands, he choked the man until he was knocked out. As he did, the blood and stab wounds on the guards disappeared.

He hadn't stabbed them, the daggers had been illusory. When they had wounded the men, they had meerely experienced system shock from the illusion fooling their body into thinking they were wounded.

As he left the dungeon's lower levels, he walked pass the gateway he had entered from. Right then, he heard the growling of war hounds... Several of them.

The End

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