Prelude part II: Night walkerMature

A cloaked black figure walks the street under the cover of darkness. Above, both moons, Prima and Serunewere new, leaving the narrow streets and alleys of Salabar under the cover of thick inky darkness.

The hooded man slowly walks up the hill to the Guardhouse and city jail. Nobody knows his real name in this city but many knows the tale of the Nightwalker, some believes he's just a legend to scare children but he's very much real.

A pair of chainmail clad men block his path toward his destination. "Who goes there?" one of them yells out, as both bar the entrace of the garrison with their spear.

"I come deliver a message." The assasin claims.

"What is it?" Ask one of the guard, a fat and heavily bearded man.

"This; Inares emuveh kalkiste" The cloaked man whispers waving his hand , speaking in the old tongue of the elves, letting the words carry his spell.

Before they can do anything else, both guardsmen fell softly on the ground, engulfed by magical sleep. After concealing the unconscious guards, the Walker entered the prison stockade. This wasn't just a normal job, he had worked his way as an assasin to find something and that night's mark knew something he needed.

"Utep cognarii fesare" He murmured to the wind, changing his appearance to one of the guard's, wrapping himself in an illusion, the secret of his succes. The Holy empire of the one Prophet disliked magic. To the point a magician caught operating out of one of the academies would if lucky face the lightest punishment; Removal of the tongue and fingers and lifelong incarceration.

The intruder waves his way pass a couple of guard wasting the night away playing cards and began climbing down the stairs to the prisoner's cell. He was alone in the underground cells since he was not to be allowed contact with anybody.

"Who is it?" The worm faced prisoner asked to the Assasin.

"It's me Lars..."

The man backed off to the wall of his tiny cell, jibbering nervously. "Please... Leave me... I want to live... I'll tell you what you want to know! ...Don't kill me..." He begged

The assasin came closer and took out a small object, a spider brooch carved from a black opal. "You know who this belongs to. Where can I find him?"

"I don't know. I never met the man, I only got letters to aquire supplies and where to stash them. And when I was done, I'd get another telling me where to pick up my reward. I've never met the Spider queen!"

"Spider queen? The assasin only sign the spider. How do you know her name?"

Cold sweet pearled the man's forehead. He knew he was doomed. There was no way he's make it out of there alive...

"GUARDS!!! HELP!" He screamed at the top of his lung.

He didn't get more time to scream as a crossbow bolt struck right throught his throat, piercing the Jugular. "Idiot..." The assasin sighed as guards began running down the stairs.

The End

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