Freedom, and the Story.

Dillan Joy was not a kindly soul. Indeed, onlookers would say that it was his fault his brother and sister had died. But deep down, truly, he did not intend for them to be kidknapped, and was saddened at the fact, whether he would eventually tell anyone this or not. He simply appeared to be a wealthy man who valued money over family.

But what happened could not be prevented or changed, because such was the course of the world.

Hope barely remebered anything of her past, and she didn't care for remembering either. Writing was all she had, all she ever had and all she ever would have, the girl had convinced herself. Yet it was this that kept her up at night, the thing that continued to give her grief as she started every day.

Now sitting at the table, Hope was reflecting on her work so far, eating her toast slowly. What is wrong with Jude? In fact, what's wrong with me?! I should just be able to feel what he's like, I should know him already!  She complained inwardly. Overnight she had failed to write little more that a few words before giving up once again. This troublesome tale was proving harder and harder to continue with, but somehow she had grown so attatched to the idea she could never give it up. One way or another, she had promised, I will finish this book.

Suddenly, a rap at the door broke the moody spell on her, and she froze, just for a second, before staring at the door.

"Hope? Babe, you there?" Called a familiar, sleazy, male voice. Hope gritted her teeth and scowled. Just the person she didn't want to see.

"Go away Johnny. Whatever it is, I'm not interested." She said just loud enough for him to hear through the door. She heard the man curse, but not move. Why the hell do I always put up with him? The girl continued scowling.

"Come on, babes, I come out here every day 'cause I'm giving you a chance. Don't waste it!" He explained. It was the same thing he'd been saying for months on end, and Hope was sick of it. Johnny honestly thought she wanted him, and nothing or no-one would convince him otherwise. She had even considered punching him in the face, as a flat-out refusal, but knowing him he would probably punch back.

Stomping over to the door, without opening it, she swore at him and shouted, "Go away Johnny, before I have to come out there and make you."

There was silence for a moment, then:

"All the better to see you, babes."

Ready for when he would say this, she flung wide the front door, took two steps right up the portly, unshaven young man and shoved him with all her strength.

"H-Hey! What the hell do you think you're doin?! I offer a nice lady like yous an opportunity, and you throw it back in my face? Gee, you gonna regret it. I've tried bein nice already, babes." Johnny complained, straightening his cheap leather jacket and steadying himself.

"You're a cretin! You know that? I have no idea why you were put on this earth anyway, scumbag." Hope spat. She decided to take another step towards him, just as a threat, but Johnny knew when his game was up, and began to scramble back down the grassy path.

"I was put here 'cause you can't live without me babes!" He shouted as he walked away, but Hope seriously doubted that anyone on this planet, or rather any planet, would need Johnny. He thought he was such a babe-magnet, that all the girls adored him and wanted him, when the truth was really worse than the opposite. No-one in the village could stand him, least of all Hope Joy.

She stood there, watching the tiny man crawl back home over the muddier part of the beach, and felt greatful for the sand beneath her feet. Bunching her toes up, her dressing gown flapping around her in the morning breeze, she considered again what it was her life was missing. What her story, the biggest part of her life so far, was missing. Perhaps the two were linked.

All of a sudden, a car drove up in the distance, almost knocking Johnny off his feet as he stumbled across the road. Her eye's narrowed as she followed the dark silver sports car as it parked in a very unsuitable place, and it's cocky owner stepped out onto the path. Recognising the man (who was no better than Johnny himself) she shrieked, pulled her robe closer around her and ran frantically back to the door, bolting it once she was inside.

"No, no, no, no, no! God, it's this late? And why has he come to pick me up?" She growled at herself, shoving both legs into a pair of jeans that had been resting on the radiator.

"This day out is going to be worthless, I know it. I should never had accepted his invitation, but I never would have if I had known Samuel would be picking me up. I thought he would. But does he even have a driving licence?" Hope muttered, ripping a few clothes from the drawer near the stairs and whipping them on. After she slapped on a bit of makeup, she added; "Even if I like him, I hate his step-brother. F*cking bloody Samuel..."

For a moment, Hope almost poked her eye out with a vicious-looking lash-curler when there was a knock at the door, but she put him off with an excuse.

"Damn, damn, damn, damn....." She grabbed her leather satchel and organised her posture as she pulled on some boots. They were pretty nice boots, actually.

Minutes later, she was ready, boring a hole into the wood of the door, mentally preparing herself for the onslaught of 'stupid' that was about to ensue.

"Are you even coming? Actually no, it would be so much better if you didn't." Huffed the angry boy on the outside.

For the second time in a row that day, the unleashed her fury on the poor old doorway and flung it open. Her eyes could have sparked flame, the way they stared at Samuel. Actually, he almost flinched when she came out.

"Hi, Sam." Hope said, flatly. It'll be easier to just not interact with him, she thought. 'Sam' looked her in an uneasy fashion.

"You seem unusually happy today."

The sarcasm was blatant and almost, almost, broke her facade, but not quite. A little self-restraint goes a long way, she whispered in her head. You can always throw him off a cliff later.

The End

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