Annihilation of an Order

Aria looked back at Rowan for a second... and did not like the look he was giving her. It was a look she was familiar with: judgmental, condescending, contemptuous...

The outfit he wore was unlike anything she had seen in Ixion before... it looked like he was a sorcerer of some kind, but the king had banned the use of magic the year after her father disappeared...

How she hated that order...

She shook her head. No... he just met you. He isn't going to try and kill you. You're just being paranoid, Aria.

If she could hear his thoughts, she would have ran for it.


The Kingdom of Relanisia


"My, my, my... just who pathetic mages are nowadays..." The Dark Lord stated flatly as he rammed his sword into a Zephyr Mage's stomach, twisting it violently before tearing it out again. "When the three realms were one, such magic could have been done by mere children with little to no effort. Such spells are useless against me."

"Monster! We left your kingdom because we wanted our freedom!" The elder mage shouted, the last one who had not been slain by the villain's blade. The Dark Lord entered their temple, and began a bloodbath, with no warning or mercy... men, women, even children were slaughtered like cattle. All the while the Dark Lord laughed... a high, sickening cackle.

The Dark Lord laughed at such a notion. "Freedom? Such a novel and naive notion you have, old man. But, alas, it dies here, with you... unless you give me what I want to know... where is the Zephyr Mage called Rowan? He killed some of my soldiers, and I wish to repay him in kind."

"He is not here."

"I'm well aware of that, old man. But that does not answer my question... where is he?" The Dark Lord stressed the last words in his sentence, making it perfectly clear he was not going to ask a third time.

"He left for the great tree. I don't know what he expected to find there... he goes wherever the voice of the wind tells him to go."

"Voice of the wind... utter nonsense." The Dark Lord turned around, preparing to leave. "I will take my leave now... but I do hate to leave a job... unfinished..."

"Alexander! You promised-"

"My name is not Alexander! That name died the same day I was born! I am Xeranad Lekard, the Lord of Darkness!" The Dark Lord slashed the elder mage across the chest with his sword, sundering him apart... and with the next stroke the Dark Lord severed his head from his body, and promptly stomped on it.

"This world, all worlds, and everyone who inhabit them are mine to do with as I please! I decide who lives and who dies! I am the Kinslayer, I am the Executioner! I AM DEATH INCARNATE!"

And with that, the once great Order of the Zephyr was destroyed... their ashes cast to the very winds they once controlled.

The End

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