Rowan: Introductions

As I walked around the forest I began to hear the sounds of conversation. Instinctively, I crouch down and begin walking silently. As I move closer they get louder. I peek from behind a large tree and see two people sitting by the water.

One looks to be young, around 16 I'd guess. She has red hair that tumbles down her face, and piercing green eyes. She appeared to be wearing no shoes, and the garb of a peasant. And the other looked older, but I couldn't place his age. He has a brown tunic, and black hair. Then, I see it, elf ears.

I sit down, facing away from them and cross my legs. I need to know what will happen, I tell myself, before I introduce myself to people that may be possible servants of the Dark Lord.

I close my eyes and chant under my breath, "BoreasNotus, Lips, Zephyrus, Skiron. Anemoi dose mou to mellon

Then images play themselves before my eyes. I stand up and walk out in front of the tree. I walk towards the two sitting by the water and introduce myself to them. They smile and begin speaking with me. We trade information that is garbled, I cannot understand it because it has not happened already. Then, we walk in a direction that bears no significance to me.

I open my eyes and see myself still sitting down, but standing in front of me is a Guard of the Dark Lord, raising its sword to strike me. I stand up and use the wind, but he is unaffected. Terrified, I arise and run away, the two see me running and stand up in reaction.

"Stay away from the guard! It is immune to the wind!" I turn back and see nothing.

The red-headed girl looks at me quizzically, "What guard?"

"The guard that was just- I could've sworn it was just-"

The man puts his hand on my shoulder in an attempt to calm me down. "There was nothing there."

I take a deep breath, then I breath it out again. "Then, I guess it ran away because it knew you were stronger than it." I shrug, "Anyways, my name is Rowan, it is nice to meet you." I hold out my hand.

The man grabs it and shakes it, "Elian, nice to meet you."

I nod, He isn't acting like a Guard of the Dark Lord, but it could just be a ploy to earn my trust.

Then, the girl shakes my hand, "Aria, it's Aria Cadenza Kahner"

Kahner, as in Alexander Kahner? The horror splayed across my mind is not displayed on my face as I shake the hand of this girl. I will have to pay attention to her, especially with Alexander Kahner as her father.

"Well, it's nice to meet the both of you," I lie, "Do you have any special powers between the two of you?"

After a long pause, Elian answers first, "I have healing magics, and I am adept at healing with herbs."

I grin, "A healer is always useful, I am glad you are here among us. 'No more lives were ever slain that by the intervention of a healer during war.' Yves Harriet said that I believe."

Elian chuckles and then Aria speaks, "I have no power, there's nothing special about me."

Lair! The daughter of Alexander Kahner cannot be powerless! She lies to gain my trust, then she will stab me in the back and show that her true alliegence is to the Dark Lord!

"Hmm," I begin, "Then it is only polite I tell you my powers. I can control the wind, and I can see forward into time and fly."

Elian's eyebrow raises, "You're too young to know how to do all that."

"I assure you, there are others where I came from who were much more powerful and much more youthful."

Suddenly I see a dark figure run across the corners of my vision. I turn to look but see nothing.

"What is it?" Elian asks, his ears perked in response to my movement.

"Nothing," I lie, In truth, probably some Guard of the Dark Lord. If they do work for the Dark Lord they would fight with them for a moment, only to slay me in the confusion of battle. No, I will not have it, no one will have my soul.

The End

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