The Dark Lord

The Kingdom of Relanisia

The Black Citadel


"MASTER!" A mage under the Dark Lord's command opened the door with a loud bang. "A group of our warmages-"

Suddenly a sword flew past his face and slashed his ear, causing him to grab it and fall to his knees, muffling a scream.

Sitting in his throne was the Dark Lord, anger blazing in his opal white eyes. The Dark Lord dressed in white armor and black leather robes. A black cloak wrapped around his shoulders, with a fur mane around his neck that moved through the air like hellfire. A white mask with blood red markings hid his face, his eyes staring at the intruder.

"Knock before you enter... it's rude." The dark lord stated flatly, annoyed. "Now, then... what is it?"

"Well..." The mage started, wincing in pain. "A group of our warmages were killed by a single Zephyr mage."

"Oh?" The Dark Lord responded. "Is that all? That's the emergency?"

"Well... we don't know where he went."

"Ugh... alright, you know the old saying... 'If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.'"

"Sir! There is no need for-"

Another sword flew past the mage, slashing his other ear. He fell down on his back this time, actually screaming.

"Never tell me what to do. I don't trust ANY of you to get this task done. You've failed me once already." The dark lord stood up, summoning a five foot long fervid blade. "Now, is there anything else you have to report before I deal with that nuisance?"

"Y-yes... sir..." The mage said, gasping in pain. "Your Stygian warriors were tracking a lone scholar to a cave just barely outside our domain... however, she just up and vanished."

The Dark Lord's demeanor changed. "What?"

"We don't know all the details, but there was a distinct scent of magic in the air from what the other mages tell me."

"Are you sure she didn't just teleport elsewhere?"

"The magic was not her own... at least I don't believe it was. It felt ancient... eldritch even."

The Dark Lord started trembling violently. "A tablet..."

"My lord?"

The Dark Lord stared down at him, furious. "I'll be right back... I'll deal with that brat first and then I'll look into the cave."

He left without another word, vanishing into the darkness of the room.



Arkham's Laboratory


Arkham shuddered. He was examining the tablet again when he felt something: dark, twisted, violent... something evil.

"What was that?"


At the same time, Lynn's tablet began to give off the same feeling... as if responding to something terrible.

However, Lynn didn't notice, as it was still in her pack.



Outside Castle Ixion


Aria shuddered suddenly, not sure why. She just thought she felt a sudden chill. Elian looked at her, slightly confused.

"Is there a problem?"

"No... I just felt... cold for a second. It's gone now. It's probably nothing."

It was only later when they realized it was FAR from nothing...

The End

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