Seems every world has it's crazy?

Lynn watched the young man run off, and shook her head.  She did however, have a means of figuring out her way away the town, no, something this size was likely more a city.  So she spend the next little while memorizing the map, pulling the lever, pressing the buttons for hte various destinations, and turning the knobs to look over the street map if the labels had anything to do about it.

Once she had what she felt she needed, her goal, instead of the pub like the kid, was the Snowdrop Research Academy.  She was certain she'd be able to find someone whom could help her there.  At least, she hoped so.

Shouldering her pack, she steeling herself for the, if her reading of the map was correct, half hour walk ahead of her to get there.  And judging from the look of the weather outside, it seemed like it might snow more again.  So, making sure her cloak was on properly, as well as pulling hte hood up as she stepped down the stairs, she began the trudging walk to get help.


=[45 Minutes Later]=


Lynn stood outside of the Gates to the Academy, looking up at the imposing structure.  Wondering just what techniques were used to allow the building to stand up straight and solid like it was, with very little of it having to close inwards.  Maybe a solid framework of stone and metal bracings that could hold more weight than just stone?

Of course, it was hard to see the majority of the structure, as the snow falling now was thick and heavy, coating Lynn in a fine layer of snow on her cloak and pack.  Finally tearing her eyes from the structure, she walked forward through the gate, ignoring the stares and the whispers of the few people around her, her focus on getting inside out of the cold and maybe to someplace to aide her in learning more about where she is, and how she might have actually gotten here.

The End

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