Magic Doors

Xectix sat upon the top of a large tube with billowing smoke overlooking the entire place he had entered. It was clear with the amount of people and buildings that this was a city, and the climate felt like they were very far north, not just in winter. The town’s name also helped with that deduction.

It had to stretch on for miles, never in all his years of living had he seen something so strange, and yet magnificent. That archway he found, whatever it was, must have transported him to another place. Perhaps another world… anything was possible. Despite how strange and illogical it sounded, Xectix just reminded himself of particular actions he had done back home, and realised that a new world wasn't as strange as all that.


First he needed to ascertain where he really was, in a geographical sense. It was possible he had just entered the Northern Wastes in his world, a continent so closed off for centuries that nobody knew if it contained life anymore. But the stars in the sky, the constellations, none of it added up. Even this far north he would be able to see the red star that shined brightly no matter where you stood in his world.

Yet these machinations, these technologies, they were beyond him in every sense of the term. He had trouble wracking his head around the machines recently invented by his own world’s leading scientist; Fadroh. Wagons that moved with no horses, street lamps that lit with no candles, and not a single Hero in sight. But considering what that guard said, it seemed Heroes were called mages in this world of… Escartes? It was all very foreign to him.


“I think we might have landed in some great mess here, Henry” Xectix croaked to his twig. The vibrations he felt in his beard confirmed that Henry was worried too. “What do you think we should do?” He continued.

Henry!” His weapon replied.

“Good idea” Xectix agreed. Sitting here would do no good; he peered into the horizon and met eyes with the largest, grandest, and most smoke producing building. Having a chat with whoever was in charge was probably the most sensible way out of this situation.


He stood up and took a large step off of the tube to plummet to the ground far down below, on his way down he kept his mind fixated on that building, his eyes glowed golden, and his path downwards became laden with a golden tunnel of light. He kicked the air and chanted; “Light Step!

He instantly came skidding to a halt before that very building he had just seen, becoming intimidated by the sheer size of it. The only thing he had ever seen taller in his life was possibly the Tower of Elders. He found himself in a bustling courtyard, everyone was wearing white coats and spectacles on their faces, and they all had very pale skin.

Nobody had seemed to notice this strange looking man appear out of nowhere, but they certainly gave him dirty looks as he walked between them. Xectix hobbled along, looking for an entrance until he came to glass windows with a large looking interior. The people in white coats walked towards these windows and they slid open sideways with a billow of steam.


Xectix giggled, never had he seen such an interesting contraption. He waited for the area to be clear before he stepped forward to have his go. He stood in front of it for a while, thinking of how to open it up. But his nose tingled, and he gave a loud sneeze in front of it, causing him to take one step forward to which the doors opened up straight away.

Movement! It must have had some kind of magic to detect movement! Xectix hopped forward and it opened up, and walked through and it closed behind him. He did the same and once again it opened up. What fun!


Forty-five minutes later Xectix was being dragged towards to front desk by security men who were questioning his behaviour. They put him in front of a very stern looking woman with her brown hair in a neat bun.

“Tell me before I call the police, what sort of narcotics have you been taking?” She asked him with a condescending look.

“What are narcotics and why does everybody think I take them?” Xectix asked with a shrug.

“Why are you dressed that way? Even homeless people can find a rag or two” she questioned with her nose turned up.

“Clothes give me a rash Hee Hee Ho Ho! Anyways enough of that, are you in charge around here?” Xectix asked with a smile.

“To you I am” she stated.

“Oh good, well then I was hoping you could help me with a problem” Xectix said gratefully.

“The police would be better suited for that task” she brushed him off.

“Oh I already tried that, didn’t go down so well” he said light-heartedly.

“I wonder why?” She said sarcastically.

“I wonder too. But anyways, I appear to be lost and I have no idea how I got here and it has nothing to do with these ‘narcotics’ you keep on going on about. I have a couple of questions” Xectix began.

“Hold on there, I'M the one who will be asking the questions here! What’s your name?” She cut him off.

“Oh yay! We can make a game out of it! Mines Xectix, and yours?” He said gleefully.

“Bethesda, what were you doing over there by the doors? If you haven’t taken any narcotics?” Bethesda pressed.

“Having fun with something I had never experienced before! Do you know where or what Respoten is?” Xectix asked quickly.

“Respo… what?” She repeated with a blank face.

“It’s where I'm from, to the south I believe? On the Empericia continent” Xectix explained.

“We don’t have anything like that in Escartes, I think you’re just losing it old man” she stifled a giggle over this homeless man’s ramblings.

“Well that explains a lot, see I was in this big chasm place when I found an archway of some kind that started glowing and sucking and then I find myself on the pavement covered in snow and get attacked by a bunch of guards and then I wander around and find a place made of metal and steam and thought I should speak to the mayor or elder of the city to find out what I can and here I am” Xectix said with a simple face and taking a long breath in.


Bethesda, completely taken aback for words at the sheer absurdity of his story, signalled for the security men to take him away. As he was being led away Xectix waved goodbye to her while her face looked strained from the amount of crazy information thrown at her.


Several hours later Xectix was in a metal room with a single barred window, he was still inside the government building or what at least appeared to be it from the outside, waiting for something to happen. He simply sat still humming for a while, trying to get his head around everything that had happened.

Eventually he heard the door to his cell click and it swung open, he stayed sitting on the floor as a man who covered himself in darkness crept in and stuck his head out of the light. Xectix looked at him inquisitively, waiting for him to say the first word. When the man spoke, it sounded tired, yet excitable and somehow maniacal.


“Is it true?! Do you not know what Escartes is? Are you not from here?” He asked quickly and productively.

“If you mean am I not from Escartes, no I'm not” Xectix said with a tilted head.

“Where did you come from? Ixion? Maybe even Relanisia?! Did you?!” He said with a strained voice, it was clear he was trying to keep quiet.

“No I did not come from… any of those places” Xectix replied as his head hurt trying to remember those words. “I came from a place called Respoten.”

“So it worked?! It worked!!” He almost yelled.

“Yes it did work…! What exactly worked though?” Xectix asked.

“You’re not from Escartes! You’re from another dimension!! My theories were right! They called me crazy! But they’re crazy! Them!” This strange man almost jumped for glee.

“Another dimension? Were you the one who brought me through that archway?” Xectix asked, becoming suspicious of this man.

“Archway? No, no, no, no… that isn’t right. Then that anomaly I detected… it wasn’t me… I must have activated an off world doorway… that explains him… I must be close then! So close! If I can summon another world, I can summon another dimension! But that anomaly… it fit the readings… perhaps there is another…?” This man began talking to himself, completely forgetting that Xectix was in the room.


Xectix however was listening intently, a stranger to this place as he was, he could smell a bad person a mile off, and he would bet half his beard that this man had something to do with him coming here, and probably knew how to get out.


“The last readings were at the train station moving through the streets… maybe that person is the extra dimensional being I seek… You there! Mage!” The man noticed Xectix sitting in the middle of the room again.

“I'm not a… ‘Mage’ whatever that is. I'm a Hero, a Mamto to be precise” Xectix explained.

“Ok then… Mamto? You are not from this world, but I don’t hold all the answers. There is a being in this city that does have the answers, if you bring them to me, I can figure out the secret to get you home. Will you do this?” The man asked with a devilish tongue.

“I guess I could do that” Xectix said after realising this could be his best chance to figure out what was going on. “But first tell me your name.”

“I am Arkham” he said before swiftly leaving the room, without showing his face once.




Xectix stood in front of a place called ‘Blackmarrow Pub’ and looked around. He didn’t see anyone out of the ordinary. He didn’t trust this Arkham fellow as far as he could throw him, which was probably a very long way, but that didn’t matter. He went on about dimensions and doorways; he was definitely the man to speak to.

If the person he was looking for would help this Arkham figure out how to get him home, he would play along for now. But Xectix knew this person from another dimension was probably just as confused as he was, and probably couldn’t look after themselves as well as he could. He had been in this Escartes for less than five hours and the way the police treated him, it was like he had spent years as a hardened criminal.


Regardless of whether Arkham could or would help, maybe this person was more trustworthy? Xectix parked his bum next to some wooden barrels right by the door whilst his eyes glowed orange and used his fire magic to heat his body temperature up a bit more. Despite using the heat to survive the weather as soon as he arrived, it was becoming a lot darker and colder.

Several minutes later he fell asleep mumbling something about apples.

The End

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