Rowan: Rewind

After I continue flying, I blink, and find myself flying across green grass and full forests. I go to the ground and sit cross legged on the forest floor. I looked around, the trees going on for miles. I see a blur in the corner of my eye and quickly moved my head, only to see that no one was there, but I have a suspicion who it is.

"Workers of the Dark Lord, go away. My simple request is to be forgotten."

I unleash the wind, cutting all the trees around me. Individually they all creaked  and then smash onto the ground. The showcase of my power should have made those following me disperse. But, you can never be sure.

"Be quiet, you'll attract them." Said the wind.

I dropped down, onto the foliage-covered ground, silent. And waited for the guards to show up again. But they didn't, I was alone.

After being sure of my solitude I stood up and began walking in whichever direction suited me best. I breathed in the smell of the air, Ixion breeze, I thought to myself, frees my soul.

Then, I stopped in my tracks as I saw before me a lumbering giant of a man carrying an axe.

"He works for the Dark One." The wind whispered to me.

My lip twitched. "If you do not attack, I won't kill you. I want to be forgotten, not found. Let me pass and I will spare you."

The beast looked at me with silence, I began to walk around it but as soon as I turned my head he was striking with his axe. Alarmed I cut his arms off, using the wind, and the axe stuck into a tree. Then, I destroy him. He fell to the ground, dead. And as blood began to pool along the forest floor I turned and began walking in the opposite direction.

The End

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