I Just Met You, and This is Crazy, But Here You Are Now, so Help me Maybe

Fujitsu leaned on the city map with his head. He was getting nowhere. Even as detailed as the map was, he couldn't get the specifics out of it (usually pubs had a tankard image near them in the maps he reads). Why he continuously turned down Ryo's offers to teach him to read was beyond him.

True, he was in a bustling train station in the middle of the big city. It would be easy to pull somebody aside and ask them to find a pub, but then again, the city life is a corrupt life. Whoever he asks could lead him astray or worse: steal his bounty. He needed other bounty hunters or moles or whoever visits the pub. His eavesdropping skills ensured correct information, usually.

But the fact was he wasn't in a pub, but hopelessly lost and without a damn idea as to what to do. So he contented himself with messing around with the nozzles of the map contraption.

Then he perked up. Through all the noise and yammer of the crowd, his instinct was warning him, sensing that a solution was nearby. He had sensed... intellegince.

His head twisted almost 180 degrees in a snap, and he was now looking in the direction of the Information Counter. A girl who looked like an elf had approached the attendant. She looked intelligent, and according to Fujitsu, that meant she had to be.

"Um, excuse me, but I'm lost, and I need to know where I am currently," she asked.

The attendant gave her an annoyed look. "What are you, some dumb broad? You got here, didn't you? Where do you think you are?"

"I do not know, and, um, I would appreciate it if you would answer my- OOH!"

Fujitsu had suddenly grabbed her shoulders and began to guide her towards the map system. "Excuse me, teach' miss lady, I kinda want yer help, thanks."

She responded confusedly, "But... but I need help myself-"

"I heard. We're'n Snowdrop in the northern part of Brim. Now can ya' help me?" She found his manner of speaking odd. Usually when people talk like this they would sound angry, or frustrated. But this man was very jolly. She would have liked to check his face to confirm this, but his hood was down and a shadow covered most of his face (although she could see his bright blue eyes very clearly).

He had stopped her in front of the map. She noticed the the knobs and levers and nozzles. It was obvious that he didn't know how to work it. The girl had never seen anything like this mechanism before, but it didn't seem like it'd be too difficult to figure out. Besides, he willingly told her where she was, so she figured that she might as well help him too.

"By th' way, name's Fujitsu," he stated.

"Um... I am Lynn," she responded, before fully focusing on the contraption.

She pulled a lever. Above the control panel, the map itself moved over to the right. There was a pointing hand image hovering over the buildings that failed to move from its position. A display to the right of the map was worded out. Most likely the name of the particular building that the hand was pointing to. The display to the left was a smaller version of the map, with two hands. She figured one showed where the operator was currently, and the other the end destination.

Fujitsu just watched with a bright smile as she operated the machine. It was fascinating how these things worked to him, though he had no patience to understand anything about it. He was just happy there were people who did understand.

"Is this the place you're looking for?" Lynn asked, turning to Fujitsu.

He laughed. "The hell do I know. What's it say?"

Oh, so he's illiterate, Lynn said to herself. Though she said to him, "Blackmarrow Pub."

Fujitsu performed a back-flip out of excitement. "WOO! Thanks'a bunch, Miss!" He started to dash out of the station but he stopped and turned back to her. "Wait. Ain't ya lost too? Wanna tag along?"

She really didn't know what to say.

He didn't really care. With that cheerful smile he said, "Eh, jus' meet me at the place in ya' wanna! See ya'!" And thus he bolted for the exit, most likely just to get lost again.

The End

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