Rowan: Attacked.

I stood upon the hill, overlooking the forgotten expanses of Relanisia's plains. The wind blows by rustling the dead grass and speaking to me. My name is Rowan, and I am a Zephyr Mage. One of the few left since the influence of the Dark Lord has been moving through this realm.

"You there, Zephyr Mage, stay where you are and we won't hurt you."

I quickly turn to see a trio of armed guards, servants of the Dark Lord. In return for their servitude they gain special powers and abilities, I wonder what these ones can do.

"I have another option. You don't move and I won't cut you to pieces." I reply to the team.

One of the guards puts pleasantries aside and flings a ball of fire at me. I remove the air from the fire ball, creating a vacuum and putting it out, and then I sever off that guards head using the wind. Then I put my hands in front of me and begin to walk around them in a circle.

"He knows Baguazhang." One of the guards comment.

Good, I muse to myself, I won't have to explain then.

I burst out of the circle, hitting one of the guards repeatedly in the ribs with the side of my hand. He falls the ground holding his side. I resume my circle and the last guard looks at me with fear.

"Please, don't hurt me. I'll leave you alone." He pleads.

"Pleading only works against someone who cares." As I say this I strike with my hand, severing his spine, killing him instantly.

I step towards the injured guard that was holding his side and I whisper into his ear. "Tell you master to stop hunting us, we do not kill unless provoked. We do not want a peace treaty, we want to be forgotten."

The guard nods and breathes deeply as sudden pain shoots through him, caused by the injuries I inflicted. Then, I walk away, leaving the guard to either live or die, it doesn't matter.

As I walk away my robe billows in the steadily increasing gusts of wind. Then, I crouch and jump up, except I do not go back down. Instead of falling, I fly.

The End

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