A new world, or a different one?

Lynn had apparently managed to escape the Dark Lord's forces, managed to find her way to some place, that the tablet she'd found called, Escates?  The structures she saw around here were massive brick works, and the bellowing smoke from the many chimneys that she could see dotting their roofsseemed to imply a lot of people around the various fires, or some other use.  Foundries perhaps?

Turning her attention to the serpentine, thing, it looked to have been made of metal, wood and glass, rather than bones, muscles, and skin.  And the fact that people were getting on it, and getting off of it from the sides obviously implied it being hollow.  The style of the clothes that people were wearing was far different than the ones Lynn was used to seeing in Relanisia.  And of course, that's when the cold actually began to get to her.

She realized that the pervading whiteness of the place wasn't so much just a feature of their materials for construction, but rather, it was snow.  And since Lynn didn't have heavy winter clothing, she realized that she might be in danger.  But first, in a desire to avoid losing that tablet, she unslung the backpack she had, and put the tablet into the pack.  Closing it and whispering a quick enchantment to seal the contents into it, she reslung the bag onto her back.

Now, she would need to find a way to get help.  As there were a multitude of people on that elevated section of construction near the giant false snake, she might stand a reasonable chance of getting help there.  Walking forward, her boots soaking up the wetness of the snow displaced by her movements, she tended to be a little unsteady walking in the snow due to it's slickness on the ground, grateful she still held onto her staff.  She finally reached the stairs onto the platform, and was grateful for the lack of snow on them.

Once on the platform itself, she looked around, trying to spot someone who might just be able to help her, and figured the person behind the barred windows might do that, since a lot of other folks had been going to and from him.  Lynn moved around the various folk who were waiting for something, and finally reached the counter as someone else was leaving.

"Good evening miss.  Which train are you looking to take?" The gentlemen behind the counter asked, looking over her odd garb.  He'd seen enough strange fellows to come through this station over the years, so while he wasn't as off put by her...  archaic garb, he still had to wonder at her sanity for wearing it right after a heavy snowfall.

Train?  Train...  The term didn't make sense, but from the use of his phrasing and the fact that the false snake was sitting here...  While Lynn was musing over this, a man in a black petticoat and with a cap on his head, pulled out a round metal object from his waistcoat, and nodded.


Lynn looked at the man, as many people on this platform got up and moved onto the false snake.  Hmm, that man called out a 'Train' was leaving soon, and for people to board...  And people began to board the false snake.  Ah, so it was called a train.  And the man behind the counter had asked her which one...  Meant more than one, likely going the other direction than this one currently, As well as the possibility of multiple of these trains on the same tracks.

"Miss, are you going to buy a ticket?"  The man asked, wondering what his luck was to get a true oddball.  She had been thinking on something when the call for all to board went out, which caused her head to snap to the side, so she obviously wasn't deaf.  Maybe a mute?  While he could forgive her for her impairment, he still had a job to do.

Lynn looked at the man behind the counter and shook her head.  "No, I am not looking for a ticket onto a train.  I'm trying to figure out where I am.  I...  I'm not sure but I'm fairly certain this is either a new world, or at the very least, a different one than my home.  I'm thus looking for help and attempting to ascertain the information I need in order to formulate a methodology and means to act on my currently situation."

The man blinked three times, trying to unscramble the jumble of words that just bombarded him.  "Miss, okay, I'm not sure what all you just said just now, but if you go to the counter over there," He said, pointing to the information kiosk with the clearly bored attendant, "I'm sure they can help you." He said, not wanting to put her off by saying he had a job to do and she was making it difficult.

Lynn followed the direction of his pointing, and nodded.  "Thank you for the assistance in this predicament Ser." She said, walking over.  Maybe this person she was being directed to could actually help her.

The End

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