A Strange Man In A Strange World

The moon was bright, shining over the cloudless sky. It was so illuminating that, even during this dark night, an old man could navigate his way around the rock filled hillside. In the sky a bright red star could be seen, a beacon of hope to some, and an inspirational gaze to others.

The old man, who had a beard that went down to his knees, a balding head, yellow teeth, and wearing nothing but shorts, ventured along the lonely hillside. Boulders, rocks, the aftereffects of what was obviously a large landslide were all deeply embedded into the ground.


Behind him was a thick clasp of trees that showed the forest he had just come from, and looking up he could tell he had a long way to go. He scratched his head and pulled a twig no bigger than his skinny hand.

“Do you think we’ll find anything up there, Henry?” The old man talked to his twig.

Henry!” A high pitched, echoed voice emanated from the twig.

“Wise input my friend” The old man agreed and put the twig back in his beard.


Two hours later and the old man had finally reached the top, only to find a huge sinkhole that sank so far down that not even the moons brightness could show the bottom. The old man stood there for several minutes surveying the area, trying to figure out what to do, until he finally noticed the rocks around him.

His eyes glowed yellow, and one particularly large rock floated into the air, drifted over the sinkhole, and fell into the dark chasm. He didn’t hear a crash or any noise of the sorts. The old man slapped his forehead, sat down, and clapped his feet.


“This is bothersome; it would be in a hard to get to place wouldn’t it Henry?” The old man sighed to which his twig vibrated in his beard. “Oh well! Race you to the bottom! Hee Hee Ho Ho!” He chuckled before jumping in a diving motion into the dark abyss.




A long time later the old man was walking around on the floor of the sinkhole. There were puddles of water everywhere, and something was dripping that echoed the lonely place he was in. A small orb of fire was following him above his head which lightly illuminated his path, but there was any and every path to take, so it didn’t matter which way he took.

After searching for nothing for a long time, the old man gave up. It appeared there was nothing here he was searching for. But just as hope was lost, an opportunity presented itself. He found a stone archway on an island in the middle of a large pool. He chuckled at how things always turned out beneficial in the end.


He walked across the water whilst he eyes glowed blue, and walked straight up to the archway. It was at least five times bigger than him, and had strange inscriptions all over it. Things he didn’t understand or had even seen before. Once again he scratched his head and clicked his tongue. He put a hand on the stone surface; it was smooth… and warm?

“We’ve either made the discovery of the century, or we’ve fallen into a predicament of a trap, Henry” the old man spoke softly.


Just then, the entire ground began to shake. The old man tumbled over with his bottom sticking in the air. The archway began to glow, the patterns acted like they had white fire inside them to glow as such; he had never seen anything like this before.

A spark in the middle of the archway happened; follow by the creation of a watery doorway. It rippled like the waves in the ocean, but somehow the water didn’t fall apart. Something kept it together, but the old man had no idea what. He shifted into a sitting down position and looked up at the water door with eyes like a small boy full of wonder.


Before he could make sense of it however, his beard began to lift off of the floor and pointed towards the doorway. He looked at it with curiosity before he could feel his own body being pulled towards it. He looked to his side and saw several rocks fly past him into the archway, followed by droplets of water. The doorway was sucking everything in.

The old man dug into the ground he was sitting on, and braced against the hard pull against him. However Henry flew out of his beard, causing him to panic and attempting to catch him. He missed, and the twig disappeared behind the water door. With his balance lost, he too was lifted from his sitting position and flew through the doorway.


He spiralled endlessly in darkness thereafter, occasionally seeing some light from some unknown thing. As he fell, he saw Henry and grabbed a hold of him. He had no idea what was going on, he just spun and fell endlessly, causing him to lose control of his bowel movements. Luckily nobody was looking.

After several minutes he was used to this new mode of transportation and in fact began laughing about it, spinning around and pretending he was a swan. Although his fun was short lived, as his head soon hit a cold ground, and he felt his consciousness slip away from him.




He woke up with a cough, which immediately splattered snow his eyes. He shivered, but sat up and ignored the cold. He hit his head on something hard, and very cold. A brief spell of stars in his eyes later, he looked at the hard object to see a large bucket, made of metal. Like the armour of the Royal Guards from his home of Respoten. He knocked it with his hand and it clanged, and stank.

He stood up and saw an untold amount of trash in there, rotten food, discarded clothes, and some items he had no idea what to call. He looked at his bare feet and saw them covered in snow; he wiggled his toes around in them to confirm the snow was real. Could never be too careful.


He looked up to gather his surroundings, and took him a few second to realise what he was seeing, and how it overwhelmed him back onto the ground in shock. He couldn’t see the sky or stars despite the fact it was dark, for they were blocked up by huge buildings! Buildings made of metal and with long tubes of smoke billowing out of most of them.

He looked down and noticed hundreds of people walking by, all in strange clothing. Some kind of self-moving wagons went past on what must have been a road, and there were gears, cogs, clockworks, and machinations of all kinds that the old man had never seen before!


He rubbed his eyes to confirm where he was, and everything was still there. He had to be dreaming! But then he thought about why his head hurt so bad… He looked around his area; he must have landed in a rubbish collecting area, as there were lots of metal buckets with trash in them.

He walked up to the closest person he could find and waved to get their attention, but he simply ignored him and hurried along the path. He then stepped in front of a lady with a big dress that seemed padded and spiky.


“Excuse me miss, where am I? What is this place?” The old man asked nicely.

“Get away from me!” She screeched and barged her way past him.

He was quite confused by her behaviour but didn’t relent. He simply went to a man and a woman next who were holding hands. “Hello, excuse me. This is weird. But where am I?” He asked.

“Leave us alone you homeless bum!” The man shouted.

“Homeless? Nah, just wandering about. And wondering where I am? Hee Hee Ho Ho!” He chuckled.

“Oh no! He’s trying to rob us!” The woman jumped to conclusion.

“Get out of here you old coot before I make you regret it!” The man threated him.

“Hey! I'm not trying to hurt you, and just want to know where I am!” The old man protested.

“Mixie! Call the police!” The man yelled at his partner before lunging in to punch the old man.


He bent backwards and the punch missed him. He asked why they were resorting to violence but he was met with another attempted attack to which he swiftly dodged again. They drew a crowd soon enough, with people passing encouragements to the strange man attempting to attack the old man, but to no avail. Every swung he made was effortlessly and cheerfully dodged by the old man.

Soon enough the crowd was broken up by several men in blue uniforms and hard caps, carrying an assortment of stuff on their belts that he had never seen before. One uniformed man with long black hair and piercing eyes stepped in-between the two men and put his arms up to stop them.


“This is a violation of the non-violence act 21.67, section b, paragraph 8! No Street fighting is to be permitted!” He shouted.

“This homeless person was attempting to rob me and my partner, which violates at least eight different laws! You yourself are violating three laws by allowing him on the street!” The man shouted back.

“Excuse me gentlemen, but I still do not know where I am!” The old man joined in the yelling, but acting as if it was a game.

“Silence! You are all to go about your business! You old man are under arrest for the crimes of dirtying the streets, robbery, street brawling, wasting police time, narcotics use, harassment, and public indecency!” The officer declared.

“That’s a lot of crimes to break for asking a question!” he responded quite shocked.

“Enough! Take him!” The officer ordered.


Three police men instantly tried to grab the old man, but they fell over as his eyes glowed white and the ground around them turned to ice. The officer instantly reacted by pulling out some kind of weapon that had a handle and a tube with a hole in it from his belt and pointed it at him.

“He’s a rogue mage!” He yelled which caused the general populace to break out into panic and ran around like headless chickens.

“A what?” The old man replied simply.


The officer tugged his hand which held some kind of trigger mechanism, and the old man reacted accordingly. He eyes glowed green and the air around him wisped quickly, and just in time too. The weapon made a loud bang which hurt his ears and something small came out of the hole; the rate it travelled at would have surely hurt him, if the wind didn’t cut the little pellet up mid-air.

“What… who… are you?” The officer asked, dumbfounded.

“Me? Oh nobody special. The name’s Xectix! And I have no idea where I am!” He replied with a yellowy grin.

“You are in Snowdrop, in Escartes… how do you not know this, mage?” The officer said slowly.

“Well consider me a tourist then!” Xectix said while blowing raspberries and walking down the street with wild steps.


The End

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