Just Men

"All aboaard! The Clinksworth leaves in three minutes!"

The locomotive platform was nearly deserted. A young couple hurrying towards the Clinksworth, a homeless man in a stained suit lay on a bench next to a fallen trash can, an elderly mechanic working on the main engine for the station clock's centrifuge, and two people in cloaks stood at the public map, looking at the local area. There wasn't much to see, considering that this town, Ishbeengud, was more or less in the middle of a frozen wasteland.

Both cloaked figures were fairly tall, but they were distinguishable; one was lanky and about a head shorter, and one was threatening to tear his cloak off at the slightest twitch. It may have been because of that that the smaller one was turning the knobs to move the map around.

"Okay... this'n, that'n, pull this guy... wait, that turns south. Okay, okay. This'n, THAT one, pull THIS thin'.... No, I don't want to go to Da.. Dau.... What's this say, again?"

"Windrun. That's the opposite direction where we want."

"Oh. I give up, then. You know I can't work these things." The small one dropped to the ground and sat Indian-style and condensed himself. "Jeez, Ryo, why d'ya live in such'uh cold place?"

Ryo grabbed the guy's head and stood him up. "You really think this is that cold? I must have gotten used to it, then."

"And yet ya haven't learned how t' use these things?" inquired the small one, annoyed, waving his arms in exasperation.

The mechanic that was fixing the clock was now sweeping snow around the station and drew near them. The Clinksworth's whistle blew, and smoke was pouring out the top of the engine.

"Did you two sonnies need help?" the old man asked from the side.

Immediately the smaller figure turned to him, extremely excitable. "Yeah! I'vebeentryingtafindthisoneguyinthisareabutwecan'tfindthewhereheisandthismapisconfusingandI'mgettingsickofitand-"

"Fujitsu. Calm down. Now," scolded Ryo, flicking Fujitsu on the back of his head. He immediately crumpled to the ground in pain.

Fujitsu thrashed around for a minute before getting up again. He looked to Ryo, but instead of being angry, he just laughed. He turned back to the mechanic. "Sorry 'bout that. I get like that."

"I'd imagine," said the old man, a bit wary now. The locomotive was just now leaving.

"Anyway," Fujitsu continued, stretching, "I'm looking for this science-y guy in the area. You know, causing chaos 'n' discord 'n' stuff? Like with portals? Glaydus or something?"

"He means Daedalus Arkham

"Oh...! That man! Well, I don't know what you're doin' here, because last I heard he was in Snowdrop further north."

Ryo and Fujitsu looked at one another. Fujitsu was grinning ear to ear, but Ryo looked a bit suspicious. "And where did you learn this information?"

"Why, some young'ns were talking about it before they got on that locomotive just now. In fact, it's next stop IS Snowdrop."

The two of them immediately ran to the edge of the platform and looked after the Clinksworth. The snow was light, so they were able to make out the end cart in the distance. Though, the steam output from the various machinery made it difficult.

"... Yeah, you can make it," judged Ryo. He turned away from the tracks and headed for the exit.

Fujitsu asked sadly, "So you're not coming with me?"

He shook his head. "No. I have too much to do at the forge. In fact, I need to find a new heat source; I've found too much Ebony ore I can't craft anything from it with my current setup. Maybe if I find some firesalt...." He paused. "But I digress. I'll see you when you get back. And don't go breaking that swallow again, okay?"

Something twitched from inside Fujitsu's cloak. "Yeah, yeah, sorry," he laughed, backing up down the platform.

The old man was confused, and walked up to Ryo. "But... but young man, your friend can't possibly catch up to it now, it's got have picked too far, and it's got to have picked up too much speed by-"

He was cut short by what he could barely recognize as the smaller man. Although it seemed like he was some sort of brown blur more than anything. He looked after him as he bounced off the support beams and walls and flew down into the tracks. He blinked repeatedly; doing so made him seem like he was teleporting.

He gaped in amazement. "... You... your friend, what is..." He turned to face Ryo, whose arm was hovering over him. The mechanic discovered that large, rusted gear had fallen due to the intensity of which Fujitsu had been hitting the beams. He looked up just in time to see Ryo simply slap it away. Effortlessly, in fact.

The huge man, Takomacht Ryo, resumed walking to the exit. "We're just men." The gear shattered in mid-air.

Meanwhile, Fujitsu had already jumped onto the locomotive.

The End

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